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Diana B

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Tina in McLeansville

welcome have been missed. portland and/or california both sound nice...but i'll take the sparkling lemonade on the porch over either of them any day! life is at its' best when simple. ;) hugs...xo

Carol Weiler

Oh, I am so sad to see summer's end so near also. And yet fall is my favorite season by far.sounds like you have earned some well deserved "Home time". Enjoy the moments.

A Facebook User

Summer here in Florida is a constant. I so miss Maine and the seasonal changes which one could sense intuitively before they arrived. Wishing you could come down here for a workshop. I would be the first to sign on:)


The images of the jewelry are lovely, as always Nina! And I am with you on the end of summer as the days begin to get shorter and shorter. Though I do NOT miss the heat of summer, I sure do miss long days of happy bright sunlight during the winter months =-(


oh how I love the little prayers rolled into such shabby sweetness.
I can always turn here when I crave beauty and spirit...
thank you for that.

Kathy Edwards Hayslett

Oh august August indeed! So happy to know you are home safe and have created much since Valley Ridge. I've made some tightly wound cocoons of late. Hmmm. Will keep trying to loosen it up. Husband did get job. xxoo KEH


So u were here in Colorado, I live in Breckenridge :)
This summer its been beautiful!
I enjoy making jewelry as well.
It would it b nice to meet. Next time ;).
By the way your art is very inspiring :).
Enjoy the rest of the season =D



Enjoy these last fleeting days of summer, Nina.
Enjoy this quiet peaceful time.

dusan xo


What a lovely post. Sometimes the words heart and soul get tossed around willy-nilly but your words and photos always seem to touch those places for me when I need it the most and I thank you for that.
vickie in kc


Thank you for the updates. Looking forward to your upcoming post and pictures. We are more alike than our differences. I have many of the same sentiments.

gloria martin

Oh dear Nina, how your words, new pieces, photo's everything on your pages, touch my heart, and how deeply I empathize!!!! Sending love, and many blessings. xo


summer has truly gone too quickly. partly because i was too nervous about this coming autumn. but i do love the changing colors, the beautiful fading seed pods, autumn flowers and the light. i wish this autumn will bring special magic moments for you Nina, which will inspire you.



I am glad you have returned home... I have missed your writing so very much!! Welcome back an I look forward to more posts to come!!


I feel the same about August - too soon too soon don't go yet... love you I do


I, like you Nina, cannot believe that time has gone so fast that we are now on the edge of autumn. As hot as this summer was in my neck of the woods...I could use just a little bit more.

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