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Tina in McLeansville

how wonderful these are...such simple beauty! enjoy your seems to be serving you well. hugs...xo


These affirmations are so timely in deed...


These are simply gorgeous...much like your description. My visits to your blog often feel like a meditation. Thank you for sharing this peace, your magic and beauty.


Beautiful and just the words I needed to read today! I haven't forgotten your little house, I had some annoying skin cancer issues this summer and haven't worked, but I'm back in the studio, so I shall have some work finished sooooon:)

Judy Shreve

Just reading your blog brings me peace. These pieces are beautiful - simple and elegant.

Ginger Davis Allman

I also question the need to stay informed. I do, because it's the right thing to do, but I admit I've been quite comfortable avoiding the television news with its endless parade of others giving opinions and honestly, a dearth of actual facts. Their negative energy is poison to me, to my creative process, to my way of life. There is so much awful in the world that I cannot avoid...I want to fill my life with beauty and peace whenever I can. Thank you for showing me a little piece of it here.


Such lovely word pendants, Nina.
I'm happy you are having some peaceful, calming days. We all need those kind of days.

xo dusan


These are such warm comforting pieces ~ They glow with the warmth and love you put into each one ~ Thank you for writing about these ~

donna joy



I am happy to know that "onward" will adorn another, hopefully with as much meaning as the "onward" piece you made for me. I wore it the whole time I was in Scotland spreading the last of Mom and Dad's ashes, and feeling it laying warm on my throat gave me comfort and hope and a soft sense of peace. Your talent is a gift to me as well as to you, dear Nina, and I thank you from my heart.

Kathryn Stripling Byer

Hello Nina, I'm finally trying to blog again. The summer has been rough. I'm wearing the pendant you gave me and always receive comments on it. Maybe we can get together this fall, though it will be a busy time, with a new book coming out. And family stuff. Always. Miss you. Think about walking toward Ingles and having you call out to me from your car! And Walter. Love the photo of his paw on your hand. I've had to deal with dog pee on our carpet this morning, still smell it. Oh, Kay


I love your words. As I read each of them, I could feel tension in my chest dissolving and I was able to inhale. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.



Your necklaces are so great! It's so cool you can wear some as bracelets as well! Your so creative. I like these new pendants can't wait to see what the necklaces turn out to look like.



These are beautiful! I can see how making these letter by letter could make you forget about things happening around you and around the world. Maybe everyone needs to do this on a weekly basis, and maybe, just maybe, there would be world peace.

Lisa Thomas@ashes pendant

These are simply gorgeous.Such lovely word pendants, Nina. Thanks for sharing.


i skipped over a lot when you said you needed a hug. I too, need a hug, and so I extend one to you. I feel like you most of the time. I have lost the me I knew before. i am looking for her, seeking the soul I knew. Stay strong and know that instead of being dissapointed in you, some of us feel connected to a kindred soul who suffers and wants to lend encouragement. I am a survivor, and so are you. The sun will shine tomorrow or the next day.....


i am inspired

by the silver wire... i have some too... and beads... perhaps i will do something with the tiny little metal shrined i made last week... and wear it proudly...

thank you!

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