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by sharing your thoughts and beautiful photos you are giving me a great gift and made my day better many, many times. I'm glad to be there for you in any small way in return. Life always has it's ups and downs for all of us and support is always welcome in whatever form it takes.


This is a two-way street. Thank you to you, Nina - for being here for me, also. Your words inspire and calm me - always, day after day. I feel so very blessed to have found you, to have you as part of my life.
I loved this post, but there really was no need to thank us - your sharing and storytelling is thank you enough.
Safe travels.

dusan xo


PS - the bear made me smile!


I have your blog set up in my "favorites" and each day I check to see if you have written something new. So I thank you for sharing your words and photographs.

Tina in McLeansville

hugs to you ((nina b))...and thank you for the very cool gift of the bear...but mostly for the gift of you. hugs and love...xoxo

Ginger Davis Allman

Nina, I read most blogs through an RSS reader and yours is one of the very few that I always click into to read. I always want to get the whole immersive experience of your words and images. I always cherish every one of your words. Thank you for sharing your world with us, your mind and heart, your love and your vision. I don't have many good friends who live close so reading your words and those of the comments are like having a comforting "girl talk" with close friends. This place is a good place.


Nina, you remind me of Anne Shirley. You see the world in a unique and special way. We need people like you to help us see it, too. We just don't slow down enough to notice it most of the time. People like me need people like you to say, "Look over here!" "See that?"

Your blog is like a cool pool of water found in a wood - or like a pristine beach set by aquamarine waters. Even when you are low you can't help but see beauty. It seems to be part of your DNA.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I can hear it in your tone. Happier days...


And thanks for sharing the bear shadow. Amazing.


a simple thank you for this blog. true, we have never met, but i do feel we have in a way. i just love when i come here and there is a new post!


I must join the others in thanking you for sharing your life, thoughts, passions, even disappointments with us. What you have to say always resonates deeply, obviously, for all of us. And thank you for sharing the bear picture--another of your wondrous, precious gifts to us.
vickie in kc


Dear Nina, your post brought tears to my eyes ~ It is a 2-way street, this blog-land we share, and you & all of us who read your words have the joy of going thru our days, with the knowledge that we have more in common than we could ever imagine. Have a safe trip to Md. and come back to your part of the mountains filled with new energy and vision. And especially, thank you for sharing the Bear ~ How wonderful! ~


I see, and continue to be grateful for all that you share. Thank you so very much for sharing the beauty of your world - both natural and things created by hand.

carla fox

Thank you for sharing the bear. I love it! I'm hear, reading, rarely commenting. But I appreciate you:)


Ahhh, you have the bear - excuse me, The Bear ;0 - watching over you. Whether you name her Artio or Artemis her name begins with Art, the latter part of 'heart.'


Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, your beauty, the beauty you see and create, with your jewellery, your photos and your words. Coming to your blog always feeds my soul and makes me feel richer. Thank you for being in my world Nina. It sure wouldn't be the same without you.

Judy Merrill-Smith

Hi Nina! I have not been to your blog in a long while, but I am glad to see you are still here. It feels like a small homecoming to me, while I am in the midst of my own life upheavals. Thank you for the glimpses into what you are living; you are a wondrous presence on this earth (as are we all, when we remember it). Hugs!

mary G.

Thank you for sharing the bear -- and everything -- Nina. Wishing you a safe and happy trip.


Whew, I thought this was a goodbye to your blog post there for a minute, so many people start off their explanation of closing their blog by saying how much it has meant to them over the years! Glad to read on and know that you are just saying thanks.
Thanks to you also, your blog is a place I come to be dreamy for a little while :)


Love the shadow of the bear! Having lived several years in NC I'm familiar with that area, but never knew about this. I reside in TN now, not so far from where you live so I especially enjoy the pictures you post on your blog of your magical surroundings. I like to think of bloggers and those who follow those blogs as modern day pen pals, sort of, and we together create a little community. We may not physically be in touch, but since we are spirits residing in a body we are able to commune in spite of that limitation. To your "thank you " I reply "you are very welcome" and I respond in kind, with my own thanks to you for what you give to us. BTW--I have a brother who lives in MD--it has a beauty all its own.

Debbie Metti

Hey Nina...I haven't talked to you since years ago when I was with Stampington. I'm stuck in Ohio now, and your blog posts are truly a bright spot in my day. I hope you & Walter keep having wonderful adventures together & keep sharing them with us. Thanks for all you do. LOVE that bear!

Mary K

Thanks for posting...have followed your
blog for several months. Wishing you
brighter & happy days on your journey.


you are welcome sweetie. I love reading your posts. Great pic by the way, looks just like a bear.


The bear shadow is spectacular! Mother Nature and all her glory at her best!
Your blog has truly enriched my life. Thank you so much for giving us "thanks" Nina. It means so much.

Kelly Reagan

Hi Nina, could I please use this bear picture and comment on my FB page with credit to you and your blog, of course. If yes, I thank you so much, I am an avid photographer (amateur) of wildlife. If your answer is no, then I certainly understand. Be well and be happy, good lady!

Jeff G.

I like that bear. How cool is that? And it only appears twice a year. Wow! Kind of looks like on of my favorite philosophers, Winnie the Pooh. Actually, I think the below was was said by Christopher Robin to Pooh.

~ “Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”


darn it, you made my eyes tear up...

MaggieD (Dianne)

Thank YOU Nina...kindred spirits across the miles.


You see me when you see yourself...We all look alike from a distance: the universe...Thank you


Your visual presence and written word is such a welcome part of my day. I'm glad you can feel all the love we as a collective have for you.


Just catching up on your recent blog posts and happy to see that you taking care of yourself Nina. I hope The Red Thread retreat will continue in the years to come so I can come out to create art with the marvelous instructors, such as yourself! =-)

Just Jane

I am so glad I spent some time with you tonight. I don't know if you know this but you are a healer.


And I am grateful you are here and share of yourself.

Carolyn Dietrich

Nina, thank you for sharing yourself and the beautiful things you make and the beautiful place in which you lie with all of us. I always love coming to read what you have posted and to hear how you are doing. Thank you again.


“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.”
― Maya Angelou

Nurture yourself, Nina, move forward towards your future. Be kind to yourself, be gentle with yourself, beginnings can be hard, but ultimately rewarding. Follow your heart.

Sharron Carleton

Safe journey dear one, hope Will Patton is reading to you all the way.
Love that your spoiling us readers again, xoxo


Yes, I'm here in the group also. Quietly checking in. :)

christina b.

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon your blog a while ago. I so admire that you put yourself out there for the world to see. And I really want to thank you for that honesty. It has helped me so much this past year as I struggle (maybe "move" would be a better word, it is not all a struggle) through life with my very special son to be able to read your words. They are a gift, one that I treasure. It is like water flowing over me, leaving me refreshed and sometimes deeply in thought at the end of the day.

I am blessed by you.


The bear is awesome - and to catch it to share with us all. We love your blog and miss you when you are gone, you inspire me with your gentle life, one that so many of us can understand.


Julie Q


The bear is fantastic - love it!
And your blog is at the top of my 'favourites' list.


Hello Dear Nina,
Beautiful post - thank you. The world needs more of you to remind us to be kind to one another and to seek joy in the smallest of details. You have such a gift for capturing the simple moments of life and planting them in our hearts. When my father died I drove home from the hospital repeating to myself "life is precious cherish each day". Sometimes.... most times..... I can't & don't slow down and I forget to cherish each day..... I am a crisis counselor and I am so caught up most of the time in the lives of others and seeking the resources to keep this non profit going that I miss out on the simple joys.
Thank you Nina, You remind me to slow down... breathe... Life is precious cherish each day ". Love you Girl! Have a wonderful safe trip... can't wait to see and hear about the workshop. God Speed

Denise S.

Well dear one we have met and I have had the pleasure of learning from you. I like all the others before me enjoy your blog so much. I hope your class is wonderful and leaves you filled to the brim with ideas and new friends. Hope Walter does miss his Mom to much. Thank you right back.


Nina, you are one of the most interesting people I've never met. You pick up on details (like the bear) that make spending time online worthwhile.


It's a funny thing isn't it, how we start out here telling our tales and over time make connections with people that become more important than we thought possible.
There is an honesty to your writing that is as powerful as the honesty in your art, in fact, your writing is art to me, every bit as much as the beautiful pieces of jewelery you create.
While your life is enriched by what you create, mine is enriched because you share it... thank you.

Hope Amen

I am mostly a silent reader; but you are always in my prayers. Thank-you for sharing your heart again.


I often wonder why im on the path im on and if i should chose another there are many bumps on this path sometimes very deep ones but i trudge on waiting for a smooth spot which are few and far between i like to hear your choices and bumps and smooth spots it makes me feel like im not alone Thank you Nina

Jennnifer Thornton

"The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it".- Carl Jung

Patti Parks

Dear Nina, thank you for sharing your bear! You were in a very special place to see this and I am glad you were there. It reminded me of the Window Trail at Big Bend National Park. I look forward to reading your blog as you are so generous to share your photos & thoughts of your journey. Keep enjoying each and every day...

Leah in NC

Hope you are safely home with Walter now, and don't have to deal with storm or traveling in the snow...

I love the bear shadow. Thanks for sharing it!


Hope all is well in your area of the woods. Take care now.

angela eharis

you are so loved and now i feel a part of the
is elite group, the nina blog gang! thanks for sharing and reminding us how precious this life is! angi in hana

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