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Linda B.

This is beautiful, Nina -- your hair, the moon photo, my mental image of you and Walter walking from the darkness into the light. Though we don't know each other, I am happy that you seem to be better. Do whatever it takes to make your precious life more beautiful.

Tina in McLeansville

ahh...there you are. welcome back. i've missed you. xo

Denise S.

Its happening and I am so thrilled for you my friend.


Oh I am so happy for this flowing piece you've written~ Your delight with the sky, the sun, the stars - the beauty of the moving, flowing, ebbing earth is evident and returning to you. How wonderful! Go to Md. with a singing heart dear Nina, we'll be waiting to embrace all that you've done, and felt and witnessed, on your return to the place you love and call home.


How Estrella Nina got her twinkle back ;)

missy bendiksen...houston

there is still wind beneath your wings.
don't forget that.

Erin Perry

I'm not surprised that this "coming back" has happened this time of year - autumn, so special in so many ways. Something about the drawing in of the autumnal evenings, the feeling of home surrounding us with warmth and safety and love.
This will be your "magic" year. I have a feeling next year's birthday list will be a positive joy.
Erin in Morro Bay


Nothing like having someone else wash you hair to make you feel special:) Women are the caregivers, not the receivers of care most of the time, and we have to remember to give ourselves care. We also need to care for the spaces where we create the art we love.
When I built my new studio last year, my first rule and blessing of the space was to clean it every night before I left. I still do that, so when I come in to work the next morning I say, hello studio, aren't you pretty this morning!


I, too, take joy in finding rocks. They are delightful treasures nature left for us to discover.

Katherine Langford

Tender is the night. Savor.


Your hair looks gorgeous!

I am so glad your are doing better. Now I need to follow your example and get myself outside for a bit, be quiet and listen. What could be more healing?


What a joy to read your lovely post - just like past times!
Be good to yourself Nina. xo

Michele Unger

Bear hugs.

mary G.

A lovely post, Nina. Thank you.


You sound positive and your hair and smile are lovely! Glad to see you feeling better, dear Nina. ((hug))

Carol Weiler

Oh your words are like music- lovely.


You are looking beautiful, Nina. Take care of yourself.
And thank you for this very special post.

dusan xo


Oh Nina...Thank you for another lovely post!

Maidi Murphy

As ever a beautiful,inspiring sharing of yourself. Thankyou. What a wonderful start for you to the Red Thread Retreat! Wishing you everything you wish for yourself.


yeah, love everything about this post and you. love your hair...


Lovely, lovely photo! That smile shows so much. Blessings to you and wonderful Walter.
vickie in kc


As always, I am captivated by your beautiful words. This glimpse into your world is pure poetry and I am delighted that you are beginning to feel better.

Diana B

Nice to see you in a better place, m'dear. BTW, too long since we had a photo of sweet Walter, so perhaps you could turn the camera on him sometime soon and let us have a peek?

sandra beautiful...

Martha A

nina is smiling! YAY!

Anna Maria

Interesting your comment about evenings. I hadn't thought of it from an expectations point of view, but evenings are my favorite time as well since I have moved here, when I reward myself for the few things I have managed to accomplish during the day, by just sitting and watching a couple of silly tv programs and doodling or not.


I too am a collector of rocks. I've never collected heart shaped ones but because of you I do now and they pop out at me just like four leaf clovers do. I love reading this and thinking about you. Sending you my love.

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