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Wonderfully interesting chronicle of your departure and preparations for; your stay and early return. Lovely photos..I really liked your picnic photo. I worried about you, with the approaching storm, as I worried about a sister and her family just outside of DC and relatives in the West Virginia mountains, and another sister vacationing in Murphy, N.C. I was glad to read you were able to get Walter before the place closed and that you got home safely. And I am glad you are feeling better.
vickie in kc


What a journey! So glad you are satisfied, safe, cozy and feeling better. Blessings....


I'd been thinking about you, and wondered how this mess of a storm affected you ~ I am so glad you had something of a magical time at the retreat ~ You seem to be reenergized now - it may be what lifts you into a more even and balanced life. You have friends who care for you, a dog that loves you more than the moon, sun and stars. You can carry all these things like a comforting blanket in the days and months ahead, and create more wonderful pieces. Glad, glad for you.


What a lovely post...what a lovely poem... I am so very glad to hear that you've made a curve away from the darkness. The gentle caretaking that you are doing for yourself and accepting from others is such a necessary part of this path - for some of us it a process that is a life-long must.

Wishing you (and Walter) happy walks, good books to read, poetic and productive time working in your studio and lots of hot tea...

Tina in McLeansville

it sounds like the retreat was good medicine. keep being kind to yourself. i like that you are opening....that's a very good way of putting a flower blooming. tuck in and enjoy. hugs...xo


Wonderful poem...

The light is coming out once again...

Vickie hedgerow arts

your brave heart and the loving ladies of the wild arts are weaving rainbows across the land. mother nature, Mother nature, Nature mother. she is raining hard here but the air is warm from the pineapple express blowing from the south. we will have plenty to stay green and then some. the little goblins and witches will have to trick or treat in sheltered areas or get drenched... mermaids walking and kraken and lagoon monsters would be good get-ups!

patti/altered attic

Amen sistah!! Gorgeous photos and so glad your sadness, like the fog, is lifting. You deserve it so! I look forward to next time:)


Love Marge Piercy's writing! These lines are PERFECT: More than half the tree is spread out in the soil under your feet. ... Live as if you liked yourself, and it may happen ... Happy Halloween and so glad you're safe.

donna joy

beautiful as always. so hard to imagine snow in other parts of the world when we are in the 80's yr and so ready for fall to come and stay!

Ginger Davis Allman

I love your life. You make it sound so peaceful and calm and even the sad days are full of feeling and richness. Still chasing my tail at this stage of life, I look forward to when I'm where you are. Black beans and hot spicy tea, and the time to savor them, sounds wonderful to me. xxx


Wonderful, touching post, Nina. Thank you for sharing this with us.
It sounds as if your journey to the Red Thread Retreat was peaceful and healing for you.
But, it's good to know that you and Walter are safely back at Firefly Road, with lots of warm memories of your time away.
Sending love as always.

dusan xo


very nice post and so glad you were able to go and enjoy the retreat :)


welcome home!


A beautiful story... almost like a rebirth in a way; you went in one state and came home again in another. There have been times I have dragged my heels as I was inexorably pulled along in a direction I didn't want to go and when I yielded to it, finally, I realized it was where I needed to be. Sometimes the world knows what we need, even when it escapes us completely.
I am glad you found your way home safe and sound and are taking comfort in it.


I am so glad you had a chance to connect with these wonderful women and share your feelings. The little picnic looked lovely too. Never feel isolated or alone, although Firefly Road is far from the madding crowd, your friends are just a call or an email away. Happy to hear the meds are kicking in. Mine took 3 months. In the meantime, embrace beauty, enjoy the little things and be good to yourself. Hug Walter for me.

Gina Cuff

Loved hearing your story, Nina! Welcome home! (((hugs)))


Theresa Wells Stifel

Lovely to meet you, Nina. Thanks for sharing. My people were shocked when I actually came home with a bound book instead of pages to frame. I told them it was in honor of YOU! xo


Funny how we are always suprised to find others gentler and more forgiving with us than we are with ourselves. Red thread is such a fabulous concept, now made real. Like some of the others I was so taken with The Seven of Pentacles that I had to find it on the web and print it off. Must read that one over and over again. Glad to know you are home with wonderful Walter now, preparing for the hush of winter that will be on us so soon. Thank you for sharing.....I travel happily in your pocket.


It sounds as though things are beginning to lift for you Nina and the retreat sounds like a wonderful space to be in to help you heal, as you share your amazing self with women who want to be in your presence to learn =-)
Keep up the wonderful gentle self care and take yourself on another beautiful picnic when you can, even if it is in your living room, and bake some of your special almond cookies as a yummy treat!! (I hope to try out your recipe this fall now that its cool enough to use my oven!)

Michele Unger

I'm glad you were brave and went on the journey. I'm happy the journey's end was with warmth and friends and understanding hearts. I am relieved you traveled back home safely, back to Walter, and to such white, cold beauty. I keep thinking of you, and hoping. XO


Hi Nina! It was such an honor and a pleasure to meet you at RTR. You are exactly as I'd imagined you would be - real. I was so happy to get to spend time talking with you and to learn from you during our class. So glad you made it home to Walter before the snow came. Take care!
love & blessings


the power came back 3 days ago, but we just got internet today. your blog was my second stop after checking my emails. what a lovely treasure to find your new post. it is always such a calming spot amid my day. thanks again xoxo


You are sounding so much better, I did worry about how the storm would affect you, but you managed, and you managed well. I am glad the retreat was so good for you too.
take care.


Sounds so good --as does your homemaking! Do you share recipes? I am so uninspired these days. Cooking for one is sometimes a chore rather than a delight.


"Live as if you liked yourself" very impotent words. Ii will ponder over those words for a while. I am so glad you found some good I'm your time away and made it home all safe and sound .

Robyn Ayaz

Dearest Nina, I haven't visited any blogs for quite a while, long sad story which it now seems may be not dissimilar to your own. My heart goes out to you and I am glad you found support, comfort and energy at Red Thread. I am sure many people have already written to you and that must have been a comfort. I would like to add my voice as a long-time admirer of yours - your work, your pieces in books and magazines and then your blog. Nina, you are a wonderful and inspiring woman and I hope the world gradually becomes brighter for you in every way. Thank you for adding to my personal enjoyment of the world. Robyn in Australia.

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