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It's really frustrating when you lose the whole post!! We experience so many power outages here (or just power surges that cause the electricity to trip), sometimes every day or every hour so I now write my post in an email to myself and when I have finished tweaking it I post it on my blog.

It's comforting to think of you returning to a warm cozy cottage after walks in the mist with Aspen.

Thank you for sharing snippets of your life (and the creative buzz) at Firefly Road. Happy Holidays, Nina! I will "see" you here when you get back.


Thank you Nina, for being here! I hope you enjoy time with family and all the things that this lovely season brings! Your posts bring me a recognition of all that is beautiful in our big, yet small world. Happy Christmas!


Thank you Nina, for always sharing your heart. How I stumbled onto your site I cannot remember but, oh, what a blessing it has been for me. Safe travels and may your Holidays sparkle!


Happy holidays, Nina, and safe travels.

Tina M.

thank you for being determined to post beautiful words and images. they are a bright spot and we do need that so badly right now. wishing you safe travels, the deep contentment of time spent with those you love, the hope of bright new days, the blessing of new joys. thank you for being you. merry christmas, my friend. xo


Oh Nina, your walks in the woods surrounding your home sound so nice, as if the mist is keeping you in it's sight, making sure your safe. The weather in our woods too, has been damp & chilly, but when the thinness of the mist & clouds lift, oh what a welcoming blue the sky is ~ Thank you for being here, thru all the irritating frustrations of cyber-gremlins taking away your posts...I've lost so many things to the strangeness of the internet, I've lost count! ~ Have a blessed and magical Christmas with your dear cherished family. May the New Year bring you peace and joy.

Patricia Walters

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you, too, Nina. May the magic that you share with us in pictures and words heal you, keep you, and uplift you throughout 2013.


I understand your frustrations in trying to blog and have it wiped out. Technology has no right to wipe out our words, but sometimes for reasons unknown, does.
Thank you, tired as you must be, for hanging in there for us.
Wishing you a beautiful, love-filled Christmas and all the best for the coming year.
vickie in kc


I come to visit each day and I am so happy when there is a new post to read. Stay safe.


So glad to see you posting, dear Nina! I know how frustrating it is when you have put much energy and time into writing what you think will be a wonderful blog post and then it disappears into the Internet ether!!
I wish for you a truly enjoyable holiday with your family and friends and that 2013 brings you great abundant CREATIVE JOY!!


I wouldn't miss this party for anything in the world. Thanks for being a wonderful host yet again this year.


my life is so much richer because of you, dear nina. thank you for never giving up on all of us, despite the darn internet glitches.
sending love to you and your family for a wonderful christmas. safe journey.

dusan xo


the new pieces you listed are so beautiful and lovely. one day...i tell myself, one day i will be able to purchase many of those lovely pieces.

i hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends and safe travels if you are on the road.
love & blessings


Happy Holidays to you too, to your family and to all your readers!

Thanks so much for so generously sharing your thoughts and images with us.

I'm in...always. Best wishes for the upcoming year!



Will you be back soon? I hope so. Thinking of you, and just dropping in to let you know.

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