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Thank you
Can you believe another year is almost over? But we're still hanging in there. Your board got me thorough this once again...


now relax.
and go and be with the ones you love.

dusan xo


Have a safe trip and wonderful family-filled holiday visit.
vickie in kc

Tina M.

be safe..relax and enjoy! hugs all around...xo

kathy dorfer

happy holidays to you too . and a safe trip.
i am headed to my daughters in san francisco .
i can't wait for 2013 !


Where did 2012 go Nina?! I think I blinked and missed it.
Have a wonderful, wonderful time with your family. I look forward to more of your blog-posts (hint, hint!) in 2013 :-)
Sue xo

Ailsa Willis

Safe journeys and an abundance of all that warms your heart at this special time of the year.
Love and hugs, to you and your mother.

Ilene Harris

We are in Champaign, Illinois. Enjoying sweet time with our family, amidst the busy-ness of the Season. Wishing you that. With love...

Ilene Harris


Merry Christmas, Nina, and I hope you have a wonderful, restful time visiting with your family for a much-needed break. Have a safe trip on the road.

Jamie Vowell

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! 2013 is going to be fantastic! Hugs to you, Nina!! xo Jamie V in MT


Safe journey as you travel to be with your dear family for the holidays Nina! You deserve some much needed rest and relaxation!!

I look forward to seeing you at Artful Journey in February =-)


Nina, The new necklaces are stunningly beautiful. I love the idea of them as prayer beads. I hope you have a safe journey and a wondeful Christmas. Martha


What a wonderful photo to accompany your lovely wishes! I wish you a safe journey and a great Xmas to you and your family! Your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous!


Dearest Nina, wishing you much joy, love and peace at this time of year when so many traditions celebrate the return of the light.

The Prologue Pearls are exquisite and what a wonderful thought they carry!

Enjoy your family and friends in person and feel the love coming from your friends out here in the aether of the internet. As frustrating as the technology can be, I still find it amazing and delightful that we all have communities and islands of beauty and peace out here where we share ourselves with each other.

Many blessings to you and to the community of Ornamental!


merry christmas, nina.

Kathy Pennekamp

Merry Christmas and enjoy your family!!!!!


You add so much beauty to the world. Merry Christmas, Nina. xo



Kathryn Stripling Byer

Nina, I hope you are safely in Montgomery now. Do let me know, dear Nina, how you are. Let's get together when you return, and give your Mama a hug for me. I'll be headed down to Ga. for my mother's 90th birthday on New Year's Day. I send love, Kay

Belinda Thompson

Ahh, wish I was headed home to Alabama for the holidays this year. Safe travels.


Wishing you a peaceful, joyous 2013,gentle soul.

Katherine Langford

What fun - a spanking new year to explore! May you enjoy all the gifts of the spirit in the new year and may your art reflect that joy that will come your way. Clear blue skies and that random bird call shall accompany you through this year! Hugs and good cheer!

Christina Minasian

Thank you for always sharing with such heart. I enjoy checking in here for your beautiful work and words. I have included you as one of my “Very Inspiring Blogger” awards.
Happy New Year!
Here is a link to my blog…


A bit late, but here to wish you a Happy New Year, full of fun, creativity, beautiful sights and wonderful times with Walter and all your family.
vickie in kc


I hope all is going well, as I drop by (albeit electronically) to wish you all the best in the coming year. I look forward to your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts.


Hi, I live in Alabama and was wondering why there are never any of the art classes/retreats held here? Thanks!!


when you are longer absent from posting it is a chance to fall down your blog's rabbit hole and read old posts from the treasure box. it is always rewarding and Nina Vibe is abounding in all - your blog is a work of true art and greatly appreciated! we are here when you get back. rock on sparkling one! (I myself have long space between posts, despite intention..)

Julia - Jobs Bermuda

I hope I can save enough money for a faith bracelet soon...

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