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i haven't been around much lately and am just getting back to the web. glad to see you back. i'm very interested in that class in the mountains, sounds so cool.
love & blessings

Tina M.

welcome home. you have been missed.
the world did seem to be tilted a bit wonky for a bit, didn't it? :)
love the lovelies, to be sure.
and the class at wcu?....looks way high on the cool meter! it will fill up in no time.
looking forward to great things!


I was just thinking about you today and how it had been a while since you had blogged! I was so happy to see your post this afternoon. I hope you are feeling better and that your mom, Walter and your sons are doing well. xxx


So glad to see your post today, sweet Nina! I'm hoping that you are finally feeling better, yes? I don't know about you but I find it extremely difficult to get motivated when we can't seem to shake winter and enjoy a spring!

XO Karen


Yeah. Nice to hear from you. Happy Spring

Erin Perry

Welcome back! You've been missed.
Erin in Morro Bay


Relief. Relief. Relief. Just before I checked your blog one more time this evening, I was starting to let my imagination run wild. What a relief to see your post! Sorry to hear you were sick, but I hope the time was good in other ways. It looks like you were productive.

Jamie Vowell

Love the new leather bracelets! And I'm really looking forward to hearing about the class at French General. It would be great to go to that. I think I've been at my new job long enough - I can probably take a break to attend! xo Jamie in MT

Diana B

Oh, how *could* you come to Los Angeles just when I'm leaving for vacation?!? I'm so disappointed that I'll miss seeing you again...

Tina Gilmore

Love those bracelets Nina, missed you loads xxx


ahhh so glad to read you are doing well. love the bracelets.


Exciting news about your classes! I need to know more about the one in CA. although I prefer 5 days with you making a book. I've been quietly following your life on Instagram-glad you are feeling better and enjoying the spring. Love to you always.


HI! So sorry to her you were sick and glad to hear you are doing well. I may have to leave the bayou for that intriguing class in the mountains ;)
Missy from the bayou


"Yes" is right! So wonderful to come here and see you have posted. And your leather bracelets are fabulous. Will look forward to another of your posts. Welcome back and hope all is well with you.
vickie in kc

J a n e W y n n

Yay! So good to see you. Hope you are feeling better. xox


Oh,I so hope I can see you at French General,I'm only an hour or so away from there.


Oh we have been missing you, and are glad that you have popped in again. The bracelets look perfect for summer foraging.

Julie Q


Yay! Thanks for posting! Susan's big idea: drive to LA through ABQ and let me keep Walter while you teach. Stay for a couple of days. Invite your boy down from Colorado. New Mexico is the shits in October. :)


It's gardening season and I am SO far behind on reading blogs...just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you today. Wearing my gorgeous green pearl necklace that you made (and that I bought a sweater to match). Hope you are feeling much better. Love you!!! Katie


So glad to see you back, Nina! We missed you and hope you'll feel as good as new soon and able to enjoy spring in the mountains. All those wildflowers!


so excited you are were missed, but also realized you probably needed some down time so was sending positive thoughts your way. spring always has a way of perking one up!

Jennnifer Thornton

So wonderful to see you again! Jenny in SA.


it's ALL a distraction Nina ! lovu


It's such a gift to read a post from you, and see your day all laid out in such beauty and light. Beautiful work and lovely words!


Will you be making any more of these leather bracelets? I absolutely LOVE them.


classes close to home sounds exciting. love your new ornaments.


I am now reading page by page of your blog, deep sigh. Will write extensively once I process it bit by bit. I am touched by your lists.
Yes, one must polish every silver lining. Much love and thoughts your way.

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