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Tina M.

oh how I wish.....I need to find 100 dandelions and make 100 wishes for this! I still have my treasured book from a time that seems way-back-when. that was the beginning.
hugs to all...xo


I need those same dandelion wishes! I would sooooo love to take this class.......sigh........ it is such a great price, but still a lot for a starving artist supporting a film student, ugh! There will be a day for me though, just keep giving those workshops, I'll show up sooner or later :)


Oh how I wish. It looks wonderful. I've still got to get you over on this side of the Atlantic. Hmmmmm.


The course description is lovely and I am hoping to give this to myself this year. After Red Thread, I really want to learn more from you and this would be a perfect (for me) location and time.
love & blessings


sigh... xo

Linda E

I think life is too short for regret, and that's why credit cards were invented! What a fantastic opportunity!


i did it! i'll see you in July! (i'm so excited!!!)
love & blessings


Nina, this is how I remembered you when I found you on Instagram. Your name rang a bell, I thought I had a book by you, then I put it all together. And it is around this sort of creativity that I love to surround myself. I live in such a small town in California where there is little or none of this going on. Your metalwork is out of this world. Belong in museums really. Much love your way and to Walter a special wag.

Cherie Wilson

What a sweet opportunity I will be missing........ but holding out hope for another day. This class looks scrumptious, by the way!! Go Nina!


This piece reminds me of your early days, when I first came across your work in books and magazines. When I first became a fan.

I wish I were closer for the workshop. Four days in such a beautiful place, and w/ a workshop to boot.

I've always wanted to attend Art and Soul in Portland (OR), but as much as I'd like to it's simply too costly. I have hopes of 'some day'.


Gos...I'm so happy for you and Walter. Blogging is time consuming and you have a lot going on. I have a new phone and will catch whatever you do on the gram. Looking forward to your kick starter ideas. Lots of dreams come true there. I've still got your back. So glad to hear from ya. There is nothing like living without rent. You deserve it. It's long overdue.

Gloria Martin

How wonderfully exciting for you Nina!!! I'm signing up now for your first workshop in your new studio!

I've moved so often I'm a pro at packing so holler if you need a hand!!

Wiahing you marvelous new beginnings and dreams come true!


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