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happy moving to your lovely home, nina


What a wonderful new home....hope you make many happy memories to nestle among those that already breathe life into this magical place.

Tina M.

It looks good...all of it. Happy trails! xo

Patricia Walters

Oh, Nina. So wonderful to hear from you and how exciting your move. What little peeks you're giving us are enticing.

Moving can be hell. But "having moved" is heaven.


It sounds more like "going home" than anything. I think you will be right where you are meant to be. At last... So happy for you!!


Just catching up and finding you are in the midst of moving! Wishing you peace and happiness in your new home, Nina. I know it will be lovely.

dusan xo

Peggy dlugos

Love the poetry. I remember my brothers and sisters and I always using the stairs as a perching spot in my mother's house. My kids do the same now in our house. Nice memory and a nice poem to go along with it.


xoxoxo xoxoxo

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Wishing you lots of happiness in your new nest Nina! xo


How exciting! I love to see and read about what colors you chose and can't wait to see when you're all moved in and your studio space! Good luck with the move and I hope that it all goes smoothly. xxx

carla fox

How exciting for you....and a little stressful, too, I would imagine. But it looks like a beautiful new home. Good luck!

Diana B

Wish I could be there to help you make the transition! It'll be exhausting, but you will love it once you're there and settled in, I'm sure.


it sounds so wonderful and beautiful. i know it is a good thing for you and you will be happy there. (ps...are you still doing the workshop in July)
love & blessings

kathy dorfer

good luck to you ! i know it will be perfect .
i can't wait for your first workshops !
the colors you have chosen are wonderful.
i will be sending good vibes to you this weekend.


Wishing you the very best with this big change Nina. Your new home is already beginning to take on your essence, while still maintaining a sense of your parents. What a perfect blend. I look forward to following your posts to see how all of this (both your new home, your new studio, and your self) evolves. Sending all good thoughts!!

Jamie Vowell

Oh, Happy Day, Nina! I am so excited for you! I'm hoping one day to visit! xo Jamie V in MT (who also, in all her 53 years, has never had a house to paint the color of her choice, but I'm almost there!)


Oh how I love it! Look at all that open space and the wonderful high ceilings and light....and I could go on for days about all that lovely wood! I am so so happy for you. It is never easy moving, all the sorting, packing, getting rid of, and unpacking....but the joy at the end is well worth it! Wishing you much happiness in your new place and a tub to soak in at the end of it all.


Nina, this new home looks and sounds absolutely PERFECT!! I am so happy for you and fascinated by your long ago written list of the things you wanted in a home...much luck with the final move! I can't wait to see how your lovely studio turns out when the electrician finally arrives =-)

Rachel Stewart

What a beautiful new beginning! Wishing you and Walter a smooth transition! XO


What a gorgeous new home/nest to feather. I hope all goes well as you make the cabin your own. Enjoy your transition. Hugs!!


I'm so excited for you! Love the colors you picked and the details of the woodwork/molding on the stairs. Your wish list for a house/home echoes many of the items I too would want. <3


There is nothing like your own place...will be waiting for your return. Just take the time and do your thing.


What a beautiful place! All built in love! A lot of changes but oh my gosh Nina I'm so happy for you. What a gift! Is your cabin in the woods surrounded by some land?

Kat Langford

Nests are built stick by stick, soft moss tossed into the cracks, a feather or a bit of fur and then, the perfect place for birthing and sheltering against the cold wind, the pelting rain and the prying paws of foxes or other creatures. What lovely colors! What a beautiful, restful space. It brought to mind the rooms where Quakers sit for the spirit to visit. May your move be as if genies are doing your bidding. May you find rest and solace in this touchstone home. Hugs to you an cheers!


stairs make the climb upward easier. wishing for stairs, both literal and metaphorically, for us all! the folk's cabin is FAB! a room of one's own - I wish for that too, not having an owned space takes a strange toll on the heart after long years. but it works out in the long run. an Indian sadhu has but the few clothes on his back, ropes of long hair and a small bowl. inspiring non-attachment for this material girl... (preaching not always practicing, alas)


I am so excited for you! It looks so cozy and peaceful. And I imagine that when you are there, you are surrounded by beautiful memories of times spent through the years with your family. What a blessing for you! I can't wait to see your journey reflected in your new pieces once your studio is ready!


Sounds like a perfect, lovely move to the just right place! Wishing only beautiful & good things for you, always.

Jacky Mcfarlane

so happy for you dear one. How far is it from Firefly Rd and your mum xxooxx

nancy k

oh sweet nina you are finally HOME. in each of your pics i see lovingly chosen salvaged architectural pieces selected by your parents . its as if their arms are surrounding you forever with their love.
Am soooo very happy for you. may you create till your hearts content and then some.


Gosh, how wonderful to read your post and know that things are good with you and that soon you will be ensconced in your already love-filled new home. Wishing you all the very best!
vickie in kc

Karen robison

Beautiful. Joy to you! Congratulations.

A Facebook User

So lovely...can't wait to see how you "feather" your nest!



How fabulous this will be for you and Walter - Nina I'm so very happy for you.
Hope the move goes well - looking forward to seeing the beautiful house evolve in your style, know it will be awesome. Your sweet mom will be proud and happy that you are breathing life back into a house built with love by your daddy.

Glad I stopped by - I'm just back from Japan and the Russian Far East so trying to catch up with everyone.
Hugs - Mary

Jen Crossley

Nina your new home looks wonderful I wish you peace happiness and new beginnings xxx

Mandy QLD

I'm ready to move with you xxxxx

Carol Mcgoogan

Nina, I am so happy for you - your new home looks wonderful and already looks like your own 'nest'. It is all the more special because this is part of your family and was built with love and is everything. I look forward to hearing more about your workshops when you are ready. Much love, Carol

Teri Mahl

I am thrilled to come here after a long break and find that things have moved in the most wonderful direction for you. I, too, love all the colors you have chosen for you house. When we moved here two years ago, it was thrilling to paint things and I chose colors in some of the same tones as you, although the yellow in more of a darker color called Chamomile. It seems to turn different colors depending on the time of day...sometimes it appears to be kind of greenish, sometimes golden, but always looks great with my red sofa sectional. And I chose a robin's egg blue for my bathroom which I just feel looks incredible in a bathroom. Can't say that I found just the right color for my bedroom yet but hated the original color so I painted it neutral cream and I'll go from there eventually. I read your list. You were very specific in the list and I think that is essential in making dreams come true. I found a list that I had written and almost everything has come to pass. We have to be careful for what we ask for because the universe sometimes complies not knowing that something had to give way in order to make it happen. You did just right I think! Can't wait to see what you have done. Is it in the northern part of Asheville like you had wanted? And how perfect that it comes with memories of your Mom and Dad! There isn't anything better.

Lana Manis

Congratulations on your new / familiar home! I really enjoy visiting your blog and reading your thoughts. I look forward to more posts from you when things settle down. :)


Sending lots of love and good moving mojo your way!


This is so wonderful for you. I know it has been a rough ride. So many changes. Having had some similar changes myself I just want to say that everything will take a little longer than you think, the satisfaction when something is complete is big, little things make a difference, be true to yourself, make it your own. And most important you have opened up a new world for you. Enjoy it, embrace it. The best is yet to come!

Kathy Pennekamp

It looks AWESOME! What a great place to call home. Life is full of adventures. This sure is a great one! Enjoy!

Angi eharis

So wonderful for u and walter and your boys when they come home, xmas will be gorgeous there, i hope some day u can do smsll intimate classes and i get to come, i send u tons of aloha from my little shack in the jungle, aloha, angi in hana

julie whitmore

Thinking of you Nina with that wonderful strong looking house, with the essence of your parents there like arms to protect and love. Its already perfect. Many happy years there xxx

A Facebook User

all is good.

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