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It's heaven on earth!! I LOVE the weary, wacky, real, white washed wood siding on that one wall. Oh, everything looks lovely and cozy and open. If I was there in person, I would give you the blessing and the gifts: "Bread that this house may never know hunger; salt that life may always have flavor and wine, that love and joy may reign forever!" Blessings, Nina.

Cindy Dean

I am so happy for you Nina! It looks so wonderful!!! I hope it gives you great creative energy. Sending love.



I saw you pop up on facebook that" onward "was happening. I was wondering about you. This was a lovely post to land on. Happy new home in which to create and dream. Congrats on the studio space too.

Hope Amen

So very happy for you Nina....true friends and family and such a very special place for you and Walter to call home. You are very, very blessed. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter in your life. Sending love and good wishes....Hope

Go Team kick a$$! Nualla says hey.


I am overwhelmed for you. First, for the incredible task of moving; secondly for the friends and family who were there for you; thirdly, for this amazing, blessed, and spiritual place for you to live and thrive and create. Lastly, for the capacious love of your mother and the spirit of your parents that imbues the entire spot.

If you decide never to make jewelry again, you can run and bed and breakfast because you have created the most gorgeous interiors I've ever seen. Your home is designed like your jewelry: every piece tells a story.

Tina M.

i'm not ashamed (ok, well...maybe a little....) to tell you this brought tears. i am so very happy for you! hooray for those who labored with you step by step.
the puzzle pieces all finally fit...and you are snugged right in, just where you are meant to be. such a wonderful road is unfolding before you...what a gift that is!


Lovely home, Nina. You are truly blessed. XOXOX

nanci dubin

over in ireland, but OVERJOYED to read all the wonderment that has happened.
when you first askedv 100 years ago to image you in n.c., THIS IS WHAT I HAD IN MIND!
a few journies later, YIPPE DIPPE DO.
i am so happi for you...
here's to sweet adventures daily...
love you so. xoxo. m' nanci

Janet McDonald

Oh Nina Nina Nina what Joy you feel I know and such a big breath released! I'm so so very happy for you! Your ~HOME Sweet Home~ is just beautiful, and filled with such love everywhere! Your Mother what an outpouring of Love. I miss my fathers farm in Virginia~it was such a Sanctuary for so many feelings. Your so Blessed oxx
Many hugs across the Miles!
PS Is the cabin way far from where you were on Firefly Road or close to your Mom now?

julie whitmore

I'm completely choked up too, and thrilled for you, I see your mother's sweet strong presence everywhere, your son and friends are one in a million.
So are you sweetie

Wendy D.

Nina, your new nest is so lovely and cozy. . . enjoy!

maryjo mcgraw

you have made it beautiful in a very short span of time. best wishes and I hope you never need to move again unless you want to.


I am so happy for you! your new home is beautiful and I love the pottery! how blessed you are to have such a generous, sweet mom.


It's beautiful! Wishing you all the best in your new home.

maria Lins

The place looks lovely's beautiful.......just like from a story book............

Diana B

I'm just tickled to death to think of you living in your very own place and about to get your very own studio just the way you want it! It's such a gift and you so deserve it, m'dear.

And it's so nice to see Walter again, too...

Catherine Olney

A very beautiful story. Love is truly present in you life. Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration! Your home is simply lovely, so warm and inviting. Attention is given to detail with grace. The presence of love is overwhelming. So happy for your story. Wishing you all the best in your new nest! and you and Walter many sun shinny days just a porch swinging my friend!! xo


Nina it is just so lovely and so YOU! I am so so happy that you have this space for you and Walter.

love & blessings

ps...i'd be happy to help when the studio unpacking time comes. :-)


Laura, Im looking forward to you being here! xxx

Sent from my little phone

Michelle looks like you've been there forever! xo


I'm I just know how you must feel!
I'm also thrilled for you and Walter - who looks settled and happy, and so he should be. What a beautiful home you are making there Nina dear, looks amazing, and with the help of Robin, and those truly incredible friends, you are now able to enjoy life with this wonderful new start in such a special house. Bless your sweet mama. The land around is lovely - as most of North Carolina is - and I'll be anxious to see the completed studio soon.

Lovely Julie's cups and saucers - her work is so beautiful too.

Good wishes and love as you settle in to Heartrock Hill on Wooded Way in the countryside - even the names are 'you' Nina!
Woof to Walter.
Love, Mary (stuck in the humid city!)

Toni Brown

Nina! how beautiful a place, how beautiful the story you tell, the friendships and details. I really really love imagining you in this place. And congratulations on your new teaching locale!

Frankie Kins

So happy for you, Nina! (It was good to see Robin's face on your post, too!) XOXO

Christa H

Beautiful- so happy for you and your new adventure. Can't wait to see new work coming from your new studio! Congrats!

Judy Merrill-Smith

So so so thrilled for you! My own big move was almost a year ago, and I can so relate to the magic of getting to sit and to rest and to enjoy. It can be hard to be patient with contractors and such - for a while, I wanted to fix everything in our new house RIGHT NOW - but I'm learning to breathe and to enjoy the process. It's all good.


And this is truly what life's about...

Lorri Scott



How wonderful to be on the better side of the move and to have had so many loving hands there with you. I hear the happiness in your words and want to wish you many happy, healthy, creative and fulfilling years in your new home.


Sending love and happy wishes to you and Walter in your wonderful new home. What a priceless gift from your mama. You are blessed, dear Nina.

dusan xo

Gloria Martin

I'm so very happy for you. Your new home, the views, the decor, everything...looks absolutely delicious.
Cozy, artsy, warm and inviting.
May you enjoy many, many wonderfully intoxicating new beginnings, and countless blessings in your beautiful, new, home sweet home.


nina--what wonderful news and so many adventures ahead. big hug -- erin


1. Oh wow, I did not realize the magnitude of this move until I read this post! 2. You have marvelous family and friends who took on enormous tasks and helped smooth the way. 3. Your mother is awesome and has really shown her love for you and belief in you. 4. The pictures are absolutely lovely. 5. Walter is such a cool dog (and so is your son's). 6. What a wonderful new home filled with love and beauty and creative energy. Wishing you all the best and a wonderful future!
Vickie in kc


crying tears of happiness for you and family and for us your loyal readers who are fortunate to get to share in your adventures, nina from carolina. the new home looks like a grown up dream cabin. your mama is an angel! robin's dog is sooo pretty and he soo handsome with a smile from his heart. thank you and lovu.


Thrilled for you. It fills my heart with joy to see you in your new nest. Enjoy!

Jacky Mcfarlane

Thank you for sharing your new adventure dearest one, new beginnings, how exciting, little scarey too no doubt. Your new studio is wonderful. Is it far from Firefly road and your dear Mother. Big hugs dear friend, good things happening at last.

Kat Langford

May soft wren wings bless your house as they fly above -- pausing just long enough to feel content and know that someone special lives in that little cabin. May ferns grow freely in your side yard. May you find your heart's desire at this lovely home. Blessings to you and to all of those who held you so in their hearts during the move (both pre and post!) I am so proud of you and pleased for you. I have such respect for your work and your integrity and know that this new house will birth such wonderful work. Enjoy and grow!! Consider yourself hugged.

Susan Sewell

Very happy for you Miss Nina. How's the wifi in your new home?

Angi eharis

It so besutiful and warm, i think walter says it all, he looks so content, truly, home is where the heart is. This is your home and your heart, and of course walters too! Aloha, angi in hana


How fabulous! Wishing you such amazing times in your wonderful new home Nina. Xo

Dee Chapman

Hi Nina, I haven't posted a comment in quite some time,but I'm here (always). But I had to come out and say how extremely happy I am for you and your incredible new home and studio space. Blessings on Mom for sure and for your wonderful crew that made the move possible. All the best <3


Hi Nina, your spaces are so lovely, and Walter looks so relaxed and at home. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful home to live in and display your treasures. Wishing you wonderful times together.


So happy for you, Nina! What a cozy place for you to nest. Best wishes with the finishing touches. xo


Nina - it's beautiful. I know you are so very excited to finally be settling in.

have a beautiful weekend.

A Facebook User

All is good! So happy for you. xo


Oh blessings, blessings, blessings to you and Walter. It is beautiful, and isn't it wonderful to have people you can call on and who will do more than you would even ask of them.


You most certainly have a wonderful son! And the most devoted and amazing friends!! But you are indeed a wonderful person yourself to inspire such love and devotion. Have a lovely life at Heartrock Hill!


Thanks Nina for sharing...Your home looks so warm and beautiful...I'm HAPPY for are such a beautiful person ...
God Bless

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

A heartwarming post. What a wonderful family and friends you have.

Teri Mahl

Even though I don't know you except for what I read here (and somehow I FEEL like I know you!) I would come there any time and help you unpack anything you wanted. I love your new home and having been to Asheville only twice, I feel that it is familiar to me. I visited my step-father there twice...once when he first moved there and then the second time, when he was dying. Asheville is special. I don't know where you are in proximity to the town but I traveled a bit around the area to Maggie Valley, to Mt. Piscah, to the river area and up to Blowing Rock. The countryside is beautiful and you are truly one lucky girl to be living in such a special place...filled with the spirit of your parents and their love of the place too. I wish that your class in Calif. was closer to where I live. If you are ever in the SF Bay Area, let me know. I would love to take a class and meet you sometime.

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