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Tina M.

Not just a bit excited are we? ;) All those four leaf clovers are paying off!
Seriously, you amaze me! xo


Please let this be the first workshop you offer when your studio is finished! Sadly, I can't make California, but I will walk to NC if necessary!


Congratulations! I hope there will be some NC workshops in the future. :-)


I'm hoping to make it to the workshop,(I'm just an hour or so away),I would so love to see you again.


Isn't just wonderful Nina, when things are coming in to your life in a most magical ways? I am happy for you!


Things are sure popping! Congratulations!
Vickie in kc


Yay!! Sadly...California is even further from England than the Carolinas. Boo :(

One of these days I'm going to enroll in a workshop given by you. One of these days. My hands might be totally arthritic by then but we'll just work around that. I'll make jewelry with my teeth.


Wooded Way is as nice a name as Firefly Road.

My good wishes to you in your new digs. It looks wonderful! One day, one day, I will visit.


So excited can't wait! Hope I can go...woo hoo!

Monica aka The Creative Beast

Catching up on all your doings Nina and I'm happy to hear that you are teaching in California! The name of your new home sounds as magical as your previous location and it looks wonderful as you begin to settle in - I can't wait to see how your studio evolves!

Lisa Brians

Squeee!!!! I CANNOT think of a more awesome place for you to be!!! Plus Kaari too? And all the deliciousness of French General??? Gives me chills and wished I wasn't already booked that weekend. I'd be there in a heartbeat. Have a blast!!! xoxo, Lis

Forest Dream Weaver

Love your bracelets.....inspiring work!

Best wishes,


I just signed up for your Saturday class at French General! I am so excited to meet you and for the class.


I am so so excited. I was able to get into both classes that you are teaching at French General AND my mom & dad have agreed to watch my son for me while I take them. I am so very blessed. Can't wait!

Denise Morrison

I have not been here in such a long time and so glad to read that you have such a wonderful new home! I am sure it was difficult but then you could never have imagined how wonderful it would be!
Your class looks wonderful.


What an amazing workshop this will be. If only I could be there. So dreamy just to think about it. I will be there in my heart.

patti edmon

Heartrock Hill is absolutely fabulous - Rachel and I (from RTT) have decided that you need to start teaching/hosting workshops! Isn't that good to know? ha.
So glad for your upcoming opportunities! Stay well.


when instagram posts are far and between, ornamental is the nina fix for me
amazing what you have done in such a short time

Anna Maria

Looks absolutely wonderful. happy creating!

susan Stitt

So bummed the class I really want to take is sold out😢 any other class Pitt here in CA that you will be giving in the future??? I LOVE your work. So much!!!!

Judy Murrah

You'll love Kaari. She's a gentle, kind, lovely person. She teaches for us at Quilt Festival and so calming and beautiful.

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