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Peggy dlugos

blessings to you and your new home.

Diana B

Glad peace has descended on you and your lovely new space, love the gate and especially love that Walter has his bed right where he can keep an eye on all of it.

Lenore Locken

nina, congratulations ... so much has been accomplished and it certainly looks like you've made your new space "home". i can only imagine what a beautiful autumn awaits you there! --lennie--


A very proper studio for you, I am really happy for you and your new space!
Now if you start offering one on one workshops there, just let me know!


Many blessings and joy in your new home & studio...It feels truly glorious! Denise

Judy H.

Lovely. Just lovely. Wishing you countless hours of happiness in your new home and studio. :)


It looks wonderful. Happy creating in that dreamy space.

Ginger Davis Allman

I so very much love your new world, Nina, and the way you describe it is pure magic. Welcome home to the new way and the new space and the new things that are yet to be.

Kat Langford

What an adventure in deconstruction and construction, but nests take time and purpose to build. Your statement about staring unselfconsciously about your world just tucked itself into my heart. Oh, what a gift that is to feel at home and especially in pajamas! Oh Nina, may the muses visit you by the stream. May you drink of Mt. Helicon's waters and may you simply glow with the hum of creation. I am sending you my best wishes. Do you bless a house with champagne like you do a ship? Somehow this feels right - now for the voyage of a lifetime. Your mama is a wise woman to seed this growth and you were a brave sailor. HUGS.


Your studio is divine and looks so inspiring with all your tools ready to be used. Your new home looks beautiful and your work shows that. Hope you are enjoying it all :)


it's beautiful. enjoy.


I am so pleased for you! Welcome Home!!!

Lise Peeples

So very happy for you, Nina.


your words are strong and confident and happy. you have created magic once again and this time you get to inhabit it. what a joyous adventure in which you have embarked...


Nina - your new studio looks wonderful and a great space to create in. Enjoy!!

Julie Q


thanks Mama! bet she is glad to have you there and taking care of her beloved cabin, full of memories and love. half mile there and back to the mailbox will be a good mile jaunt for you and Walter all year. perfect to ease the kinks out after a spell at the work table. the little gate you ordered is just right!


Congratulations on your new space, it looks beautiful and so glad to see you back here. I've missed you but I know you've been busy, what an exciting new chapter in your life! I can't wait to see all the beauty that flows from that studio. I'm with Tracey about the workshops :)


Your new studio looks absolutely amazing Nina. And that gate - SO gorgeous, I want one!
Wishing you lots of happy times there - and lots more blog posts whenever you feel inclined (hint, hint!). xo

Marti C.

Blessings on you, what a lovely place to be, to create and just live. I pray you have many happy healthy years here.

Patricia Walters

I've been selfishly missing your wonderful voice as you've been putting together a wonderful home for you and Walter. Congratulations! My your heart beat loudly and strong at Heart Rock Hill.


I love, love your new space! Great new beginnings! XO


i am so so happy for you - i smiled through this entire post. your new world is beautiful, as are the new pieces that have sprung from it. best wishes to you for a lifetime of happiness at heart rock hill :)


Woke up this morning wanting some news from you. Yeah. You are in your beautifully breathtaking home after all that hard work. Just got on the other side myself. Whee and whew. May your home bring you lots of happiness , love, soul filling juju. Much love and welcome back

Jody are so blessed! Enjoy!

Carol Weiler

What a beautiful place! Hope you enjoy every moment in what looks to be a special place.


Your haven is perfect!!!
Missy from the bayou


I am so happy and thrilled for you.
Sending you so much love and thanking you for the inspiration you always bring me!


Nina, this is gorgeous. You are blessed and we are blessed that you share your wonderful life with us!

Ann K.

I am so happy for you, Nina.

Hope Amen

I am so very happy for you Nina. What a blessing to be somewhere that holds family memories and still have such beautiful surroundings. Your mother is happy I am sure. And what a wonderful gift. Every mother's wish is to be able to help their child's dream come true. Praying peace and love always fill your new home.


Wishing you and Walter many happy journeys, adventures and endeavors in your wonderful new home and studio, and in the land and woods that surround you, along the stream. It's all there waiting to inspire you, and perhaps it already has. Best wishes!
vickie in kc


Thrilled that you are now home and rooted. That life is peaceful and yours again. Happy new home to you and Walter, Nina. One day I hope to attend a workshop with you, maybe in your new studio? viv


just to "be" is such a loverly gift...i wish you many hours of just being...

julie whitmore

I love the sink. Very smart of you to add that. I keep a bucket of water and a sponge in mine and dear its just not the same as a glorious pedestal with a handsome dog around!
the light, the elbow room , the peace; its all perfection.

MaggieD (Dianne)

Beautiful...... all the best to you and Mr. Walter!!

Helen Carter

Nina! A new work space is such a great thing, not to mention a living space too. Congratulations and I wish you years of peaceful making and living in it. xo helen


How thrilling to see all those empty shelves against that empty wall transformed into space packed with goodies that will find their way into your wonderful work. And I have to say that the sink is nothing short of brilliant!

You will be very happy here.


That is a really incredible studio!


Love, love, love the new studio. I imagine the view from those windows will inspire you for years to come. So happy for you to have this wonderful space.

Monika Schmid

What a wonderful studio space!! Dear Nina enjoy your fairytale house and surroundings. Many blessings to you, Walter and your new home. Monika xoxo


Hallo dear heart,
So pleased for you. Your new nest and work room look fantastic. May all be well and creative for you.
Love from Susan ( we met in Perth for two hours years ago. It was a grand two hours!). xx


I love seeing your shelves full! It makes me happy! Your new place has turned into home before our eyes. Have you decided on upstairs or down?


You are going to be so inspired in this new space!
It's fantastic!
And I am in love with your new gate.
Thanks so much for sharing that site with us.

Wendy D.

Nina, enjoy settling into your beautiful new nest!
xo, Wendy (Birmingham)


Wahoo! Yup, you are blessed. Dream .... Create ..... Be!

Jamie Vowell

Oh, Nina - I am overjoyed for you! What a splendid place! I do hope I can visit one day! Jamie V in MT

Gloria Martin

Dearest Nina,
I am so truly happy for you! There is nothing like a place of one's own, especially when it also houses an amazing studio.
Many, many happy and endlessly creative days are in store for you.
Enjoy!!!!! Xo

Jacky Mcfarlane

love, love your new home, I am so happy for you. The studio is a dream, hope the wonderful views are not too distracting. And Mr Walter looks all settled in.
love you

Judy Merrill-Smith

OMG, so thrilled for you, Nina!

peggy gatto

Blessings to you in your remodeled nest!


wow, wow, wow!!! Beautiful location, beautiful studio. Congratulations!!!

Monica The Creative Beast

Nina, your studio looks just wonderful!! I love all the light, the great vintage storage and the gorgeous vintage sink for clean-up - its heaven!!
I almost envy your new home and studio space, though NOT the experience of working with a butt headed contractor ;)
What a blessed lucky creative artist you are =-)


Your home is so beautiful and the studio is so lovely! I wish you lots of peace and happiness in your new home.
love & blessings


Oh yah! Perfect. Just perfect. Enjoy.

Martha chabinsky

It does my heart good to see you feeling more settled in your space. The upheaval dissolving.....and finding the quiet you need to create and live. Blessings to you


Wishing you peace and happiness in your new home, Nina.


of course I have stalked all of this on your instagram - but seeing it for the first time here all together like this ----- oh my ---- it is beautiful absolutely beautiful.

Nancy Gene Armstrong.

Your new HOME is perfect. It fits you and Walter.


I, too, am so happy for you! I love the new studio, too!


I love it! What a wonderful place for you!

Tina M.

love....pure and simple. hugs..xo


Oh my, it is so beautiful there....and your new, looks like you have always been there....deeply rooted in your new place. I am so so happy for you!


your new studio is simply beautiful, Nina!
thank you for sharing all the photos and your lovely story telling. it is a special gift to us, as i am sure you are very much exhausted.

love and best wishes to you and Walter in your new home - it will be a peaceful happy place. i know this.

dusan xo


Oh my!!! Nina, I am over the moon excited for you. Your new nest is so beautiful. I loved each and every photo and know that it is a home filled with love. I am so sorry I haven't been commenting, but you have been on my mind. I traveled the path we all eventually travel. Dad had a paralyzing stroke early winter and I have been there seeing that he was taken care of and tending to Mom. I thought of you and gathered strength recalling your stories of being with your father. It isn't easy, is it. I am now embarking on a new adventure, inspired by my father and grandmother. I am building my own cottage in which to create. They both urged me to do this for over 30 years. Now that they are gone, I have vowed to follow my heart with them in my heart. Reading of your new studio and home reassures me that I am on the right path. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journeys and in doing so, helping me along my own path. Enjoy each and every day in your new abode! Hugs.


I know it must have seemed overwhelming to make this move, but it seems like the perfect place for you.

Best wishes to you in your new home.

Angela Blair

Nina - I'm so very delighted for you! What a beautiful and functional studio and..... finally.... you're HOME. With loving blessings from NE Iowa.
Angela B.


Just found your blog..what a beautiful piece!!.."Such deep meaning"..Enjoy your space...Blessings,Victoria...California Mountains...


You are such a lucky girl Nina and i like that............


oh such a dreamy nest, and feathered so lovely xox


A new beginning. It doesn't get any better than that!


Dear Nina, congratulations on your new space. It must have been exciting and challenging to make this beautiful space your own. Wonderful new home.

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