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Still here Nina, still loving your musings! Your new home/studio sounds amazing. xo

Marti C.

Love to read what you write and look at the glorious pictures you post. Your posts may be few and far apart, but always, always worth waiting for. Blessings to you and yours and your handsome Walter!


So happy for you Nina......what a beautiful environment you live in........and so many memories of your dad and mom embedded.........your new work is gorgeous!


autumn sweet autumn my favorite time if year!! and it's about time to build a fire and let that wood smoke fill up heartrock!


See you soon, dear one. Thank you for the lovely post. No matter how far apart, they fill me joy.

Bonnie Moench

I remember you once called me the spring girl with the autumn colored hair, when I said spring was my favourite time of year....well after your description I may have to rethink that.
I am finding this fall a time to settle down. After our terrible summer, it feels like I could use this quiet time. Get back to my art, relax, and learn to live without our precious Paige.
Thank you for your post, I will surely read it over and over.


Red Sandlin

I see the rock peeking out with al your treasures as it was meant to be. good to see you are up and running,,,settling in...calling it home.
Happy Fall. OOXOOX

Monika Schmid

What a breath of fresh air your posts are even if farther apart they are well worth waiting for. It is a glimpse into your fairytale life! Get well soon, Nina.

Tina M.

so much here....all good.....and yes to all of it...except for that cold and yuck. hoping you'll feel 100% soon. a Wilmington wonderful!

p.s. I've emailed you. x

Erin Perry

Night draws in sooner and yes, ginger tea and wood smoke - it's autumn here on the coast too - our favourite time of the year.
Erin in Morro Bay


Nina...It's so wonderful to read about your new life in your new home...and to see lovely pictures, especially of Walter. He's such a sweet boy. Be sure to take some time out to play with's good for both of you!


Glad u are nesting! Jealous of your autumn. Still in the 90's here.
Missy from the bayou


Thank you Nina for updating and sharing with us what's going on at beautiful Heartrock Hill. All sounds precious and Walter looks so sweet, perhaps some day I can come play with him and his toys!

Sorry you've been under the weather - hope all is well now and you are able to enjoy these lovely Autumn days and nights. Also hope your dear mother is well.

We're off to Central Europe on Tues. - visiting Budapest, Vienna and Prague - my birthday gift as I'm hitting one of the big ones on 10/26. Know I'm going to love it all and hope to take some good pics to share.

Happy B'day to you dear as I may not get back to you by then. Enjoy each minute, each day, each year.

Woof to Walter - love to you.

Michele Unger

Such a lovely place to spend the autumn. Your new work is stunning, as always, but evolving. You sound happy!


Still here, reading whenever you post. Walter looks quite contented. What a glorious photograph of gable and sky. Much color in you life!

penny Willoughby

Is it contentment I hear in your voice? The peace of living in a home your dear Father built must have something to do with it. I check by often to see if you post, but as others have said, you are worth waiting for. Wishing you happiness always! Love, Penny


This was such a wonderful post, Nina! I could feel the autumn. Thank you!


So happy to see a new post! How wonderful are all your treasures - by the way, another name for queen anne's lace is birds nest. And I love the flower in all its stages too. Beautiful picures of your beautiful life, happy for you and Walter and your mom too.

Tracey broome

I am soooo interested in a workshop. I have found myself drifting away from clay this year and looking more towards my loom, fiber seems to be my new crush, I think a workshop is the thing I need to spark some new imaginings! please keep me posted!


looking forward to being quiet with you and walter and mom on the walk to the stream and then the late night stitching while walter waits.

barbara lassiter

Love reading your posts and think you are so blessed to live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I was in college there many, many years ago and though I don't get to return often, it's still one of my favorite places. I do enjoy seeing your beautiful photos from the area!

Jacky Mcfarlane

your workshops in your beautiful studio sounds wonderful and I am sure it will be popular. Long way from Australia, but who knows


Did you make the tiny garden? If so, please tell how!

I am glad to see you all nestled for the winter. It is a lovely house and studio.

I hope you feel better soon. I would love to come to the Wilmington class. My dad was born on Wrightsville Beach.



Thank you for bringing a bit of fall into my home and heart.


Gosh Nina you're chosen way of living sounds wonderful.

Sue Merton

I have followed your blog for several years now and feel I know you because you are so generous in sharing your thoughts. I do get disappointed when there is not a new blog post but it just makes it even more rewarding when there is a new one. I love seeing the photos of your new home and studio. Here in New Zealand we are heading in to summer so it seems so strange that your days are getting colder and shorter.Please don't stop blogging, we will wait for however long it takes, and be grateful for any thing you post.


Its been a long time since I have visited here, don't know why I stopped or what happened. Reading a slew of your posts felt like coming home. You always write so beautifully and share so deeply from your heart. It felt like coming home. Coming home to an old friend and sitting on the porch in an old rocker and sharing lives once more. Even though you are the one sharing it still feels like a bond. Enjoy your new home and studio, it is an amazing place.


Monica aka The Creative Beast

It's always a treat to read new blog posts, Nina, and it's icing on the cake when they highlight new jewelry offerings in your shop!
I will certainly stay tuned for your in-home workshops - the trip to a goat farm for fresh goats cheese sounds WONDERFUL!!! Add me to your list and I will begin to save for such a workshop/retreat in your lovely and colorful studio...
Actually, if you want help with looking up locations, I might be able to do research on your behalf it that helps. I've been known to be a pretty great admin assistant =-)

Martha Smith

What a beautiful post, full of peace and inspiration. I am so happy for you in your new home.
Creative gatherings at Heartrock Hill sound glorious.
I am always excited when you post; it is like receiving a letter from an old friend.

Carol H.

I'm so glad you're still here, Nina. Although I don't know you personally, I know your work well and am always so inspired when I come visit your blog. Even if the posts do get farther apart, the important thing is that they are still there. Thank you for taking the time to share and inspire us. It is appreciated.


I was SO happy to see a new post when I stopped by this morning. But so sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope you are recovering alright. Always good to hear from you and to see pictures of dear Walter. As others have said, I, too, will wait for when you are ready to post.
Vickie in KC


A lovely and evocative post. Thank you!

Kat Langford

You sound so happy, contented and bathed in heart light in this magical cottage in the woods. Sending dreamy days ahead!


What a delight to read more about your new workshop and home, Nina, and about autumn there. Be well, dear sister!

Tina Zappone

Your posts are like a meal at a gourmet restaurant, not too often but so delectable they are worth the wait! Your beautiful words and images, your warmth and sincerity envelop the reader and bring contentment to a weary soul...


I think your idea of classes sounds so fantastic!! Wish I didn't live on the other side of the world sometimes :)

Angi eharis

You sound so perfect where u and walter are, your artwork looks gorgeous and your words are soothing, i look so forward to doing a few days withu when u set up studio where u are, feels like it could be healing! Aloha, angi in hana

Sue Sande

I love your poetically you describe your surroundings. Thank you for the inspiration.

teresa atkinson

I love coming here. and simply breathing for just a few minutes. I would love to come to your studio and create. All of the other excursions too.

I love your artwork. And I wish I could take time to go to wilmington for that wrap bracelet workshop. stunning

By the way --- that scrappy granny square blanket on the bed --- that makes my heart sing.

Mary Meyer

I loved this. I am somewhat hooked on the peace and beauty that your blog always exudes. I love that you are in the cabin now in a safe and wholely/holy place. The world is a better place because you are in it and you share freely. Thank you.


Still here and enjoying your new chapter and home. Sorry to hear you're been sick. I usually have a few colds a year but last year I stayed healthy all year. I made this tonic
and I added some curry powder on my last batch. I take it everyday and I think it's really made all the difference. I rinse after taking it so the vinegar doesn't mess with my teeth. Stay well and best wishes on your classes and adventures.

kim beller

i loved reading your post and seeing the bracelet that you will do here in wilmington. your photos are so beautiful and make me miss the mountains that much more!
can't wait to see you. xo


Nina, so glad you mentioned workshops. It would be divine to travel to North Carolina (I've never been there), to view Heart Rock Hill, learn your art and wander the byways. Sign me up!


Nina, you have the uncanny ability of calming one's soul - thank you with love and light


I've been away from the computer this week and am just getting caught up but am so happy to see you back here. I might be interested in the wilmington class but would probably be more interested in classes at your studio. It all sounds so wonderful.
love & blessings


Always delighted to read your musings and see your lovely photos, at whatever frequency. Ebb and flow is part of nature.

Claire Smith

Reading this post makes me feel so calm and peaceful Nina. It's been like reading a lovely, long letter from a friend......definitely worth waiting for.
Your description of the evenings 'drawing in', i just love that,......I love Autumn.....
Finding treasures in the woods to bring in side doesn't make you peculiar.........but someone who notices beauty in the big and small.
Heartrock Hill looks like a beautiful home and place to live, wishing you and Walter much happiness and creativity there.......x


lovely thoughts, nina.


Definitely here. "You can bet your boots on that." So nice to "hear" from you, and I'm thrilled that all is going so well. Your home and studio and fantastic.


your next venture should be to write a book, your writing, your thoughts and how you see the world around you are expressed so poetically nina.

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