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I was afraid I'd missed it! But I've just sent my request. (Yay!) I'm so happy to see you back and to hear that things are well.
lots of love!
love & blessings

ps...hugs to Walter

jacky mcfarlane

What a thought provoking post welcome back dear one. Xo


Two lovely posts in two days.... Be still my heart!

Jamie Vowell

Nina - I love the bracelets! I just need to ponder the perfect word for mine! Great to hear from you on the blog - i just recently realized that I've been missing tons of your photos on Instagram! I better get myself an account! I can't keep up with all the social media! I hope you offer workshops at your new studio. I'd love to come for a visit! Jamie V in MT


Hi Nina
I have been a fan of your jewelry and your blog for a long time. I have however seen a pattern emerging. You only seem to post these days when you have something to sell. Really disappointing.

Monica aka The Creative Beast

OH! How wonderful to see you posting again!! I knew something wonderful was brewing and I can see by the peeks at your new 'notions' pendants that I was right...I love the look of your new jewelry offering Nina and hope to be able to purchase one soon before they are all gone...

You are certainly right about routines being thrown off and how long it can take to return to the usual swing of things - since my recent move, it was difficult for me to return to my own blog, and not for lack of stories to share, but an interrupted routine does seem to get more challenging as the years go by =\

I read your previous post and loved every bit of it! I'm glad to see you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season, glad to see you are making more wonderful jewelry and glad to see you posting again about your work, your family and seeing your lovely embroidery...I would love to see more photos of your embroidery work, Nina, it does inspire me to return to doing hand sewing and embroidery myself! Happy New Year!

d smith kaich jones

i hadn't noticed the age thing in my struggle to get going once again, but you are right. it helps to see that. thank you.

(and thank you for that last image. after my mother died, i found a wasp's nest she'd saved, she knowing the important things of the world. it's now part of a small altar in my home.)

so good to read your words again.


"you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should".
every single word you write, every photograph you take, in fact everything you do speaks to me of a superior being.
you are truly amazing and i carry you in my heart.




It's always a treat to hear from you. Enjoy your new home.


This is so beautiful! I'm in love with my "Page Turner" bracelet. I think it would be a perfect word(s) choice for one of these too! Hope someone is taking notes--wink! The book cover piece is so unique. Your creative spirit is in full force, despite the departure from your routine.


So lovely I love the old book covers.

Nancy Gene Armstrong.

Nice to have you back writing.I had become worried.Glad things are good for you. Two lovely post.


beautiful words and things as always


so happy to see you and walter here again. you have been in my thoughts. lovely to see your family and celebrations. i adore (and covet) the new pendants. yay!!

nancy k

so lovely to read your words, see your photos of inspiration, and lovely new work.
with the passing of your father, and moving from a beloved place and establishing a new home surrounded with your father and mothers life it is no wonder you took time to pause. to ponder, to inhale. spending time to be present . you needed this and we patiently waited for our nina to stop by for a lovely chat. x0x0x0xxxx00x

Oh and Joan how very unkind of you. Please work on your compassion.


Beautiful new pieces to treasure Nina...........know they will be enjoying new homes soon!
Hope these long winter days continue to fuel your creative spirit......your busy times making jewelry are, I think, a very good reason you don't always have time to post! Nothing wrong with that and we are rewarded by waiting for you to pop up here and share so much to cheer our day.

Love and hugs from the hinterlands - the city is dreary in these months of the year but signs of spring are peeking through the soil - we've had no snow at all in Raleigh yet!

Mary X


Great to see your beautiful posts. I know how time consuming it is, so it is greatly appreciated to see whenever you have a chance. Creating, a home, artwork and family time are so very important. Thank you for sharing your way of keeping the balance so beautifully!

Sue Smith

I am so glad that you are back - I've missed your beautiful words and pictures - light on dark days.Wishing you the happiest of new years x x x


I so love your beautiful posts. The way you write and describe things is pure poetry and a treat to savor always. I love love love your new offering and the thinking behind it. I have a deep love of weathered things too and your little treasures speak to my heart. I wish you a very very happy year in your house.

Libby White

Miss Nina,
So glad I caught your Facebook post. I have been exploring your blog and see so many things I have missed in your work. You mentioned that you might have small classes at your home in 2014. I have only taken on class from you and would love to take another one and see you and Walter again. Would you please include me on a list if you do have classes?

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