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Tina M.

I love this. Absolutely, deep down to the core of my this. hugs...x


A woman after my own heart! I love redwork and your scarf is gorgeous. I, too, have that book, and some of Charlotte's sampler fabric. Love the way you used your own stitching design. Thanks for the inspiration.

Leslie M

Oh boy, Nina! I love your red work and explanation of your stitches. It's one of the things I love about slow stitch work. It really does become a journal of sorts. So, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and have a great time in Vermont! xo


I have always been drawn to Kathy Schmitz' designs and your interpretation is lovely.

Wendy D.

Loving that nest!!! Such beautiful stitching. . . !


Now that has given me some ideas to keep my hands and mind busy!

Your work is beautiful as usual Dear Nina. xo

nancy k

i love your red work, the randomness of of stitch and knowing.

ah the comforts of hand stitching what wonderful therapist thou art.


Tina Gilmore

Beautiful work Nina, very inspiring. I'm attending a creative day in February with and arranged by Viv Sliwka (Hensteeth Art) near my home, there will be six of us and i've been thinking about what to take. This is a superb idea. Thank you. xxx

Helen Carter

Hey Nina! I've been doing lots of hand-stitching too. It seems to be what Winter requires this year. Hope this finds you well - helen


Nina, this will be my first Real Time comment to you, as I am far away in July 2008 of your blog! I now have a past and present, Nina! I love the timing of this post, as I made two rework pieces for my beloved granddaughter, Pinkatie, and a niece, for Christmas. Maybe I will send you some images to take a peak at. It will be my gift to you, since I have been enjoying the gifts of your photos since before Christmas! I very much enjoyed seeing your piece, and I agree, I wish I could do nothing but stitch the day away! Fondly, Laura


I just knew you would like these gifts I sent you and I knew you would create something fabulous. I think it is so dear that your mother has worked on it with you. Love the bird and the whole story you have stitched. xo

Monica aka The Creative Beast

What a wonderful idea! I love your hand embroidery SCARF project and your plan to add a CASHMERE backing is the icing on the cake!!! It reminds me of cashmere sweaters I've been collecting to cut up into a new garment but using them to back a hand embroidered scarf just might be the thing. I can't wait to see how your scarf turns out and look forward to seeing images of it draped around you...
I also love the gorgeous needle book you made - it's inspiring me to embellish a needle book I made to keep my own sewing needles. I began some embellishment but it really needs more and the needle book you have shared here looks really lovely, Nina. Thank you for sharing your embroidery projects here - they are just beautiful and so inspiring!

Now, if I can just find my own needle book, packed among my many studio boxes, I will certainly return to some hand sewing and embroidery - heaven knows I have more than enough muslin to work with! Thanks for the jolt of inspiration, Nina!!

Patricia Eaton

Nina, now how did you know I was really wanting more info on your wonderfully made red work scarf? This post, with the whole story of the scarf, is so visually inspiring, you will probably be responsible for many new red work creations being created in this very cold winter. Work to warm our hands and our hearts! Thank you for being such an inspiration....and please enjoy your trip to Vermont. I'm sure more inspiration will be coming our way when you return. Travel safe,stay warm and have a great time. Big hugs, pat

Teresa Raines

I love this. I've been spending time this winter with needle and thread -- it is calming and relaxing. Please don't leave again for so long. I miss you.


I could read your stories and soak up the pictures for hours on end. Thank you so much.

Gloria martin

Red-work always makes my heart skip a beat, and with your unique style added to each stitch.....heaven. I love the bird and the nest your momma contributed to this beautiful work of art, a priceless masterpiece indeed. Xo


Your talent and creativity are endless and inspiring. It is good to come here and see such beauty, in all things, pictures and words.
Vickie in kc


2007. Still tip toeing around.:) Laura

Jennifer Valentine

I've been away far too long. and I've arrived to see angel's wings pulled from cold riverbeds as only one as magical as you could do and red, remarkable, beautiful pieces you've made...
thank you for the time you take to share your life with us here.
I can always count on you for unbridled beauty when I deeply need it.

Greta Young

Stunning, I so wish I was good at needlework. I am surprised you are allowed scissors on a plane cause we certainly arent!

Cathy Wegner

Your stitching in beautiful. I love embroidery and need to get back to it soon! Thanks for sharing.

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