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Gloria martin

Anytime you want to get away from the cold weather, you have an open invitation to visit here...South Florida. Amazing findings btw. The kind that causes goose flesh; instantly you realize a profound message lies within.
All blessed! Xo

diana giambrone

I wish I were with you Nina, your plans sound so peaceful.

Red Sandlin

Peace and light to you . OXOXO Red


it must have been heart aching for you not to go to Vermont! hopefully your heart has settled little bit now...

nature seems to have a sources to send us to places just on a right moment. you there on a river shore, fining these beautiful treasures.

it is a rain storm in here today. probably need to stay inside whole day tomorrow. i find it difficult when the woodland calls and it is my days off from work.


Hope you found more treasure out there along the waters edge... Mother Nature owes you a consolation prize! xo

Tina M.

Sending love and hugs to you. I'm so sorry you didn't get to Vermont and the class...I know you were looking forward to it so. Every cloud has a silver lining, my friend...sometimes you just have to look extremely hard to find it. Hope you enjoy a warmer, sunnier weekend. xo


Hoping you find more treasures in your beloved river.


How magical to find a wing...


It's a Crazy Wild winter, Baaabe! I'm sorry for your cancelation, but most grateful for your safety!
I Love You, XOXO

Monica aka The Creative Beast

What a gorgeous find! I can only imagine how it must have felt uncovering such a beautiful wing but that is the magic that surrounds you Nina. Thank you for sharing your magic with us all =)
Glad to know you are at home safe from icy roads, but as you say, everything happens for a reason and you are being looked after in many ways, by winged souls!


Wow! What a treasure not to mention an amazing sign ;)
Missy from the bayou

patti edmon

Not sure exactly how you'd find time to hook rugs but I believe nonetheless! Love your river finds - how cool! All I've been focusing on is painting faces, determined to find an original voice. Do love the practice though!
Miss you - xoxoxo

Angi eharis

How special your treasure as u are too, aloha, angi in hana, glad u are safe, i hope someday to see u at your studio for a special class


What an awesome find!!!! Stay safe & warm!


Cindy La Ferle

I continue to enjoy your jewelry and mixed-media work, and always find new surprises here. Love the wing -- perfect treasure for you now.

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