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Worth waiting for! ❤


Well hello stranger! What a beautiful post...and how lovely your new nest is.
I wore my 'Angel Heart' necklace recently and wondered how you were. I've really missed your musings!xo


oh it feel so good to hear your voice and see through your eyes once again


Such a lovely, bittersweet, deeply moving post. You have lifted my flattened heart, allowed me to look into my world more closely as my one hundred pound puppy seeks my hand...again. :)


How wonderful to read your lovely words once again, dear Nina. I hope that the new year brings you much joy and contentment. And many delicious cups of tea!
xo, Karen

kathy dorfer

as always , awesome post !

Diane Patrum

Hi Nina,

Just found your blog...really did enjoy today's post. I too live in North Carolina and was raised in Wilkes County surrounded by mountains. I hope never to stray too far away from my beloved mountains.

I noticed the sweet little verse at the bottom of the bird embroidery. What can you tell me about this beautiful piece of needlework? Did you design it? Is it available as a pattern?

I surely do hope to come back time and time again to see what you are up to.

Diane in North Carolina


Reading your written words are always a treat. Soothing to me and my heart.


Hellooooooo! So very glad to see you!
Missy from the bayou

Sandy Clowes

Have truly missed your posts. Thanks for catching us up. Your thoughts are full of grace and beauty. I also like your bird embroidery. You always have such lovely treasures to share.
Take care! Sandy

Tina M.

Oh so sweet to come here and be fed once more. Thank you for this...I was starving. :) It is good to see and feel life go on. Hugs to you and w. xo

Red Sandlin

Nina this is a lovely treat and surprise over coffee to read you posts again . HAppy New Year. Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie Moench

Sweet Nina

Oh how I have missed your words. I am so glad that you are back posting...but no pressure...just when it fits in with your life.


sandi m

Beautiful words and photos as always. Hope you're back to sharing them more often.
Maybe this means you'll be share a teaching schedule soon??


You have been missed, dear Nina. I actually did a google search last evening, fearful that you had moved your blog and I didn't know it. So glad you stopped in to say hello.



Wow. I stop by here every day hoping to see a post, and today was the payoff! So glad to read what you've been up to and look at the photos and know that all is well. Thanks for the update!
Vickie in KC


It's so nice to hear from you again,'ve been missed. Thanks for the wonderful post & give Walter a big hug from me!

Sue Sande

I've missed you. Glad you are back.

Phyllis King

...just doing my daily blog check, and my heart fluttered when it realized my eyes really did see a new and wonderful post from you and the family! I am so grateful to have your blogging to look forward to again; many thanks!


So, so good to hear from you. I've been thinking of you for months and just never did anything about it. (shame on me!) i've missed you!
love & blessings

ps...hugs to Walter!


Oh my!! What a lovely delicious moment it was when I realised that you had posted. Surfaced. Shared a little of your world with us. Thank you! I have missed you and your beautiful images and words, so much ... while respecting your need for privacy and silence :-) All the best things for you in 2014

Susan Berry

You were missed, welcome back xo

Laurie Giberson

Hello from California. :)


Welcome back Nina - your new abode looks wonderful. I am so in love with your red stitched embroidery, I truly ADORE it.
And what a FAB photo of Walter. He looks like such a wise man now!

Best Wishes foe 2014

from the land of Downunder!

Anna Maria Stone

Always dreamy to read your words and feel your feelings. Thank you.

lesley austin

A quiet gift to find this post this quiet morning...thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences lately. They are so universal, and yet, uniquely yours.

If you don't mind two questions, Nina, I would love to try my hand at embroidery, hoping it will fill the hole that I feel since knitting just hasn't worked out for me. Do you have a favorite book or way to begin? And the tablecloth with words all over it? Is it handmade or available somewhere, I wonder...


Happy New Year. So nice to see this while having coffee. As always your words resonate and glow as does your art. Even when you write once in a blue moon it is always a treat. Thank you
Your new home is beautiful. I know how you feel about Firefly Rd...I miss my old home in Athens. It will take time. Sending love and thanks

Patti Parks

I also look forward to your blog to read your words! I have missed you! This new creation is so wonderful & I love the idea of a piece of a book close to my heart when wearing it. Wishing you a very Happy 2014! The red embroidery is lovely! Take care...


I'm so glad you came and did a long post. I've given up on so many favorite bloggers now that instagram has taken over! I tried to do IG, I did, but it is not for me. I would rather come read a beautiful, heartfelt post (which I know takes time). I appreciate it so much Nina! Beautiful as always, and much loved by me : )


Love having you back, sharing your beautiful family togetherness for Thanksgiving. Such a great tablecloth, and all the stitchery is awesome. So happy seeing gorgeous Walter looking back at me........he just gets better looking with age - woof dear doggie friend!

Wonderful to see your sweet mama and know she was able to travel home with you. Love the house decorated for Christmas - the mantel so beautiful!

Dearest Nina, please don't leave us for so long next time - we do worry you know!
Hugs - Mary


So glad you came back for a visit. Now I have some great reading to fill up my tank.

You never fail to deliver the goodness when you return.

I enjoy your pictures, ornaments and thoughts.


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