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Tina M.

my friend, you live with your heart wide open all year long. that's what it's always about, no matter the day.
hugs to you and w...xo

Kat Langford

Flutterby, butterfly, fill in the empty spaces with dreams of Spring. I love your postings. I love your art. I love your soul and socks and dog and spirit flying high above the rolling fields. There, my heart is open for you. Happy Valentine or whatever -- it is just nice to affirm another soul's lovely being! HUGS. XOXOXOXOXOX

Jamie Vowell

Love this! xo Jamie V in MT

kathy dorfer

love right back at you (:


you have such a beautiful heart and i'm so glad every day that i found this blog and met you. you inspire me with your words, photos, kindness , and just being you.
happy valentine's day, my friend. i like to think of you as my friend, i hope that is okay.
love & blessings

ps...hugs & kisses to Walter

Karen Robison

Thank you for the lovely pictures. The red. Perfect valentine. Real world.


Beautiful post! xxx


Love what you did with Robin's photo from his last climb.

I wish I could embrace this weather as much as you. I'm ready to see the earth again.

julie tooley

What a gift you are! Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you.

nancy k

oh nina much love to you and thank you for the beautiful post.

Monica aka The Creative Beast

Catching up on your recent posts and glad to see you addressing that 'disappointed' commenter in your usual straightforward way. Making jewelry IS what you do and sharing that is part and parcel of what makes your blog such a treat to visit - to see your projects in process, as well as completed goods, ALWAYS inspires my creativity, not to mention your ever evocative images of the world you live in, from the water washed stones, to twigs to falling leaves you gather and share here in this refreshing place... And I say refreshing because I always come away refreshed, as if I had accompanied you on those glorious nature walks!
And remember, Nina, this is YOUR blog, you are paying for it and you can write (or not write!) whatever, whenever you want, because you are the Queen who rules supreme here!! ;)

Claire Smith

Hey Nina, so excited to read your new posts....i've been popping by to see if there are new words and pics to enjoy.
Love Walters' paws and your floral socks.
Always interesting to read about the world you have created and the joy your find in the simple treasures that surround you.
From a smokey, Summery Oz to your snow covered surrounds with love.
Claire xx


Missy from the bayou

Ellen Specht

Dear Nina, I can't tell you how many times you have shown me the beauty of life which lies in all the simple things. Your last post was so lovely--the photos and the writing...what a wonderful valentine from you to us!

Tina Gilmore

Hi Nina, I know what you mean about Valentines day, I feel like that about it. I have a shop and I get asked all the time if I have any valentine gifts! I have a shop full of gifts, beautiful fabric hearts made out of fabrics from times past (when it really meant something) but most people seem to want the red/pink hearts and the over commercialised stuff, Meh!!! My hubby bought me a set of old lead farm animals, faded and worn, some with ears and legs broken off, and I buy my own flowers for both of us, that's our true love - well in my opinion anyway. You wouldn't believe how many people pulled a face when I told them. Ha! he knows me well though and that's all that matters. xx

Amanda Bergamin

Had to catch up with your previous post must of missed it. POO POO to that comment, its your blog and you should write what you want to on it, the reader has the right not to read if it he/she doesn't like it. Of course you are going to talk about your wares, that is why many people visit your blog to see your lovely wares and hear about your creative life. Don't hesitate just write what you feel you need to.

Libby Ingram

Beautiful images! Always very happy to see your posts when they pop into my reader. Your vision helps my world look better. Thank you!

jennifer thornton

hi, simple pleasures in redwork arrived from amazon today. i got all inspired when i saw your scarf. going to quite a challenge for me as i've never embroidered. x j


Dearest beautiful Nina, never stop your posting, please! I am sending love and warmth. xoxoxo


love to you and walter. xoxoxo


Beautiful images and I love the watercolors!


i treasure each word and photo....


Your words, images and thoughts are a warm heart-blanket for my worn and weary soul on this frozen March 2nd day...

Thank you Nina


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