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I read that comment a while back and it irritated me with a righteous irritation. Such a totally un-deserved criticism. You (and bloggers like you) are giving away a "product" for free, every time you post. We, the silent judgmental readers, are getting these gifts FREE whenever you share some beautiful, or touching, or frightening, or thought-provoking thing you have seen, thought, made, heard, or experienced. We get to profit from that with every post. We can learn, we can revel in the beauty, we can thrill to some new idea, we can say "yes, I know how you feel and I'm afraid of that thing too but your insight has helped me today." We can say thank you, thank you for offering yourself time after time to the wide world, who may be waiting to pounch, but hopefully are waiting to praise you for your generosity and courage. Of course this space is the place for you also to offer the product that earns you the sustenance to keep body and soul together. I'm so irked by that comment! This is your space, your place and if you wanted to be 100 times more commercial and only sell sell sell, that is your total right, as it is the reader's to click away and find a more congenial place to read. But you don't do that. Your posts arise from an honest heart, an honest life, a seeker's life, and your readers are privileged to share that quest. And anyway, who wouldn't want to see the product of your hands, which is always so poignant and beautiful? we are lucky to get a glimpse! Please don't be silenced by such ingratitude.


Thanks for your post, Nina. It's good to hear from you!


Hi sweetie! Love the post,love the jewelry,love you!


I went and looked at that comment. She says that she has been a fan of your work for a long time... so why, I wonder, does it bother her when you show your work? Anyone who has really read any of your posts knows that your jewelry is for sale, that is how you make your living. So what is the fuss about?
Don't take it to heart, Nina. The comment is more about her than about you. Please continue to share your thoughts, your walks, your process, your jewels and yourself. This is the magic the world needs.


So loving that you have been posting again! I have missed your posts but also understand that things ebb and flow. I for one am so grateful that I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago. I feel humbled, exhilirated, contemplative, and a host of other emotions after reading your posts. You truly are an amazing artist not only with your jewelry but also in your prose and your photography. Please do not let the spite of one person deter you from the things you wish to share. I for one am blessed by them.

Karen WillOaksStudio

It can be hard to reveal the private side in such a public forum like a blog. It can be risky, just like following a feeling or a thought until it becomes a new piece of art jewelry, or a photo, or a poem. But sharing where ideas come from, and how all facets of that process work (or don't work!) is a very brave and generous act, and your blog and work are beautiful, so I'm happy to be able to take a peek "behind the gallery!" Thank you!


i too went to look at that comment. renate is right it's more about her than you.

this is your space and you can do whatever you want with it. if she's a fan,an admirer, a collector, a lover of your works she should know that you share what you do which is living and making and selling jewelry to support it. that's how we came to adore you and your works.

in every space there's always some ignorant and disrespectful people who leave comments like that, expecting the owner to run it the way they want it. we're not being charged anything, so don't come and look if you don't like it. these ignorant people never think how harmful words can be to the work, process and self. if she's a true fan like she said, she wouldn't have wrote what she wrote. she's not a fan who expects to hear more often from you, she has an agenda and was bitter when she's lost within it.

i often hold and ponder the pieces that i own. the stories meant as much to me as it is to you. i think most of us came to adore you for the same reason. i for one thank you for the beautiful stories and works. stay beautiful nina. xo


Good lord! Where do I begin? When your posts appear in my blog reader, I am so very happy! Rapt, wouldn't be an exaggeration. They are like small gifts that I value highly and appreciate so much. Of all the blogs I have read, in the world ... since I began blogging back in 2006, yours and one other share top-ranking for blogs I love to see updated. Last year, you and my other favourite took a break from blogging, and I respected that but wanted to beg that at least one of you post for me :-) But I'm an adult now, I know that's not possible but you were terribly missed.
Nina, I'm an incredibly fussy reader. It has to be beautiful, interesting, intelligent, and so many other things too. Your blog is divine and the fact that you only post when you have something to say ... I love that.
It's tempting to focus on the one mean-spirited comment but there are so many more who simply adore what you do here. Just concentrate on the good comments. There's this New Zealander, living in Belgium, sure that she doesn't like being so far from Nature, and missing a dog, and your blog posts are food for her soul.
Love, Di xo

Greta Young

I think the other ladies have probably covered it but I like to add my 20 cents worth.... a BLOG is the bloggers personal area of cyberspace to say what they like - if as a VISITOR you don't like it then stop visiting. I have done that - been tired of a particular person always complaining rather than seeing how lucky she was - so it was simple - I stopped visiting her blog! So whoever you maybe - if you don't like what Nina has to say - don't come here. There is NO NEED foe negative comment causing Nina distress.
I love your posts Nina, all your arty farty photos and all the hearts you find in nature (envious) and of course GENEROUSLY sharing your work. Just keep on doing what you do :-)
Love from one of your fans from DownUnder

Martha Smith

Nina, I love your posts. I am always thrilled when you find the time to share bits of your life. I find you to be an inspiration. I wouldn't mind being like you when I grow up (although I am older already).
Keep posting, trust yourself, and ignore the negativity.


There's always someone isn't there? That's why the delete button is a beautiful thing. You be you and do what you do, the rest of 'em can eat rocks! XO

Donna Rafferty

I'm just a happy stranger, but I wanted to post and beg you not to stop posting your beautiful creations. I love to see how you are inspired by life and by nature.

Your jewelry is so beautiful and one of a kind, and I can see a bit of your heart and soul in each piece. True beauty!

There will always be someone who will complain, but that comes from within themselves and not from you. So be true to yourself and post when and what you want!

(((Hugs from a fan in New England)))


Umm ... re the comment - what does she think 'ornamental' means? As for me, I love the intersection of life and art that you portray. Kudos, Estrella Nina!

Judy Shreve

Nina - I've been reading your blog and admiring your jewelry for quite a while. This is my first comment - I am always thrilled when a post from you shows up in my reader. I'm not a jewelry maker or someone who sews. I love your blog for it's honesty - you could be selling twigs - it wouldn't matter to me
I first learned about you listening to Leslie Riley's podcasts and I fell in love with your heart - your spirit. So please pay no attention to someone who sees a pattern emerging -- what does that mean anyway? You stated it beautifully in your post -- you can't separate your art from your soul. Please don't try and please continue to write.


Nina, I love reading your posts. I find them calming and peaceful. I love the photos, both of nature and your jewelry.
I spent a weekend in your classes at A Small Cleverness some years ago and I know you to be a kind and caring person with a wonderful heart. The work I did in with you is some of my best ever and I will always treasure it and the experience.
I look forward to seeing your new work and hearing how Walter is doing, please don't ever stop posting!

Jane Bradley

Dearest Nina, Your photographs are such a beautiful diversion during these often-bleak winter days. Thank you for sharing with us... Your spirit, home, and stunning work always inspire me. Miss you! Love Jane Bradley

Tina Zappone


I am ecstatic when you post. I love your corner of the world, your point of view, your wonderful found items and I meant to comment after the last couple of posts but time gets away from me as it does from you. Please NEVER stop posting!


I so relate to everything you do, please don't stop. Your voice and art are the stuff that dreams are made of… never let the voice of others change you…

(from Canada)

Sherry P

You blog about your life; your life is about creating. Therefore you blog about what you create and how you create it. I love seeing the photos of your jewelry and I love the way you photograph them. Keep doing what you're doing, and please don't listen to the few complainers, who can easily just look at something else if they don't feel like looking at gorgeous jewelry created from your heart and soul.

Tina M.

my friend, do not let the voice of another silence yours. do not let it have more power or weight than the army of us who feel as if we walk with you, who thoroughly love and enjoy you and your work...filter or no. we are all weary of something, which makes a tiny little crack in our armor...a crack which allows ice like that to get in and reopen the crack and make it bigger...and raw. guard your armor. and keep doing what you do in the way you choose to do it. it wouldn't be nina any other way. and this new work of yours is absolutely beautiful. love hugs to you. xo

Lori heart was saddened a bit when I read your blog just now. When I go out to your blogsite and see that you've posted, my eyes light up and my spirit is lifted. I savor each word that you write, each photograph you take, and each piece of jewelry you create. I look forward to each and every one of your posts. You keep on as you have!


When you live with an open heart, it is always difficult to have another come in and trample on it... let it go. Those of us who love you and your work will be here to be nourished by your words, photographs and your creations...


You are an inspiration for so many people, many like me who are usually silent admirers. Love your your new pieces!

Keith@Vintage Crab Jewelry

Your blog, your thoughts, your pictures and your jewelry are beautiful! Please don't be turned away by some unthoughtful and mean person who is probably just jealous. I don't always comment on the blogs I love because I may be tired and grumpy but each beautiful blog helps to cheer me up so I can get on with my day with a smile on my face.


We artists tend to talk about things just at or after, the finishing of those things. Then we lose ourselves in the 'making of new things' process again. It isn't until we are just at or after the finishing of these new things that we become aware of the outside world and wish to talk about them. A pattern of creation if you will.

It is the nature of who we are and what we do. Anyone reading your blog can see that you are an artist. Which means you are going to tell stories about your life and art. When you have the time. And lucky are those of us who are here to witness them as viewers of your blog.


Well Nina, I have never taken the time to post a comment to you. I love your blog, your jewelry and your sweet posts. It is a sad day that someone had to take time to make a comment such as she did. No, I didn't go back to read it, nor will I. I check your blog each day to see if you have something new to offer as you are offering such peace and love when you write. Your soul is at peace. Hers is not. While I am here, I would like to say thank you for everything you offer us here on *your* blog.


I won't add too much because so many previous posters have so eloquently said everything I would have said and what I've felt about enjoying your blog. It seems to be a trait of a creative and sensitive soul to hear the critics voice louder than any others. I can dwell on an unkind comment for hours and if I could change that about myself if I would. Giving anyone that much power is so wrong. I love your blog and as you've said, everything you that you share leads to the jewelry you create. Life has it's disruptions and when you've had the time you've been more than generous with your readers, fans and friends. Don't change a thing. I do know how much time, effort and creativity it takes to share all that you do and I'm sure blogging and documenting is part of what makes you tick. Not everyone can do this and do it so well. OK, I lied. I guess I did have a lot to add. :)

Tina Gilmore

Beautiful post Nina, keep "Dancing, Smiling, Giggling, Marveling, Trusting, Hoping, Loving, Wishing, Believing and enjoying every moment of the journey"... (Mandy Hale - adapted)... You bring joy to my heart :) xxx


Well all the other comments are so very polite, I don't dare post what I wanted to say, re: the comment. But it goes along the line of ___ ___ & the horse you road in on.

I LOVE your blog. It is at the top of my favorites bar. I check it every day to see if you have posted. I do check you on instagram, but don't have a fancy phone so I can't register or post comments.

You inspire me. Your vision is pure. I am always so amazed by your jewelry. Always so lovely.

So, post ALL the jewelry you want. Tell EVERY story your heart desires. We WILL all come gather round to enjoy the glow. xoxo

patti edmon

Well, it has pretty much all been said by previous commenters. You have to remember that people write based on the lenses with which they view the world. You do take amazing risks, one of the reasons I adore you so.
I, too, write without filters and I never get many comments - maybe because I don't post often, maybe my art just isn't that great. I do it for me, so I don't care.
Thanks for sharing the gift of you - your entire wonderful self!


Dear Nina, I love finding a new post from you in my blogfeed. Your writing is so heartfelt, as is your art. Your beautiful jewelry is even more special when we know the background story on those treasures you and Walter find whilst out on a walk. Thank you for sharing with us, and allowing us into your life.


Hello Nina...
I'm so happy to have just purchased one of your pendants! The water wing is perfect for me because I'm a swimmer. I also rug hook and do many other types of fiber arts and crafts. I've read your blog for some time, but have never commented, or at least not for a long time. I find your blog to be very inspiring, and have recently started a red work project as a result of one of your recent posts. So.... just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your thoughtful, inspiring posts and your beautiful work.
Warm thoughts,

Teresa Atkinson

i love coming here - and following your instagram. i know how hard you work. how the inspiration has to come. how much of yourself is in each and every piece of jewelry that falls from your soul.

I also have hesitated on my blog at times and poured too much at times as well. and negative comments hurt me too.

please don't allow the person who caused that reaction to have too much power. it is about them and not really about you.

this is your space - your heart - your soul. much as your work is as well - and many of us come here for your version of beauty, inspiration, and grace. I've been here since your early early days of blogging and I have enjoyed EVERY SINGLE MOMENT spent here.

Much love and encouragement.


I'll be brief because there've been splendid responses, but I particularly want to reiterate the first commenters 'righteous indignation' remark, and the later, ' & the horse you rode in on ' . Well put, thank you.
And thank you Nina for your generous blogging. xox

Gina Cuff

Just keep on being yourself, Nina. You are perfect just the way you are. xo

Angi eharis

Yeah for all the above posts! So much love and appreciation for all u do on your blog for us, i tried to do a blog and couldn't, it is alot of work, so tx for all your beauty, jewelry, walter, poetry, and yes of course we know this is your job to feed u and walter, so poop to that other person! And yeah for nina! Aloha, angi in hana

Lori Proctor

Hi Nina, Please continue to post on your blog I love reading what you write no matter what it is about. I think your jewelry is beautiful and it is your passion and it is how you make your living. So I think you can write about what ever the hell you want to, it's your blog after all. And don't let anyone make you feel bad, because your awesome!!

best wishes,

Mary K

The others have stated it so well. Just wantto say keep doing what your doing.

Rebecca Anderson

Nina, I am guilty of not commenting on blogs - hardly ever these days, as I read them on my phone often when I'm on the move. However, here I am tip-tapping on my tiny screen because I wanted you to know that I am here (like many others :-) ) and that I love your blog and your jewellery and your openness and beautiful words that you share, whenever you do. What an odd comment for that lady to make, and I know that if you are anything like me, you'll be annoyed that it hurts a little. Whenever people post about negative comments such as the one your received, I always find it very odd, aside from anything else - why should you post what she wants you to, on your blog? It's your space. You pay for it, as you say - and even if it was free, like my blogger site, I can write whatever I like, as long as I am not slanderous/malicious are an artist and your medium is jewellery.....of course you will write about this.....and your readers - or all but one, it seems! - want to know about your art. And we want an opportunity to buy it! We welcome you selling your art! What an odd sense of entitlement to complain about what you write in your own Internet space. Your blog is, as always, beautiful, and has brought a little light and reflection and inspiration to my day. Thank you! (But even if it hadn't that would be ok - because it's your blog!!) x x x


Love to read what you have to say !
Enjoy your photos and most of all your lovely
Press on !

Debbie Metti

Dearest Nina...Your art is your life...and your livelihood...and I know I am grateful that you share it with me & others out here in this world. I love hearing about what you are creating & the process behind it. I love seeing your little corner of the planet...and seeing Walter & hearing about how the two of you are doing. I'm sending big hugs your way...please give one to Walter from me!

Michele Unger

Do what you do, so very well, and ignore the negative. That comment was from a soul who is sad. Most of your faithful readers keep coming back because of what you write, what you see, how you see it and what you create from all of these things. You said it, it's all you, your photography, your art, your walks along the River with Walter, your jewelry. You are not just allowed to make a living selling your soul, we encourage you to do so just as often as you may choose! And I, for one, love to read about your jewelry and your process. Thank you for sharing all of this YOU with US.


Sharon Palac

Dang, I can't stand people who feel the need to bully others online, especially you, Nina. You work hard, you take care of your mother, you need to take care of yourself in order for you to create the beauty we love and the words we devour.

Please don't be reticent about posting anything and everything, I am honored that you allow me into your world, your artistic process, and a chance to view your beautiful jewelry. As a collector of your jewelry, I am proud to wear the pieces I own, and proud to know you, the artist, even if it's online. xo


I've not commented here before but was prompted to break my silent enjoyment of your words and work to say please ignore the comment from a reader who was disappointed in what you posted. As others have said more eloquently than I, this is your space and what you share is a gift to all who read. I treasure your posts because, while I read them, I find a moment of peace in an otherwise chaotic life. I aspire to live a life of contemplation and creation as you do, and your posts help me move in that direction a little bit every time. So, my break with silence is to say thank you for sharing.

debra freeland

Dear Nina
Remember that old song " You can't please everyone so you better please yourself!" I live in the mountains of Calif. and I love your pictures. It is so different from where I live and a place I probably won't ever get to visit in person. Love your jewelry and it inspires me in my work which I don't sell because I can't part with any of it!


I wish it was easy to ignore comments like that. I know from experience it isn't. But for just one comment like that, there are loads of us that love you and respect your work, art, talent and time. I don't think I would ever get anything done with those views.

love & blessings

Judy C

I do look forward to your posts and wait with anticipation for them to arrive. I completely expect to see your jewellery featured on your blog. If not here where? You are more than generous sharing your life with us here as well. Head up - move on - live a good life. You have a beautiful group of followers. Take care.

sue in melbourne

love your blog, your photos, your jewels and your sharing nature. please don't ever stop.


I, too, remember reading that comment that day and wasn't quite sure of the writer's point. It's YOUR blog and you don't have to explain or justify its content to anyone. We as visitors have the CHOICE to read it or not. If it's not someone's cup of tea, move on.
So keeping writing whatever you want Nina. I've always enjoyed your stories whether they be about your home, Walter, or your jewelry, especially the jewelry...


I am saddened and amazed at how rude and hurtful some people can be when commenting online.
Please don't take one rude comment to heart Nina, many people LOVE reading your blog, seeing your beautiful work and your photos. Don't ever stop doing what you do so beautifully.

Judy H.

Ditto all the comments above. You do not have to defend your own choice of subject matter or words on your own blog. Dissatisfied readers are welcome to go elsewhere. I am regularly shocked at how rudely some folks comments online. As Thumper said in Bambi: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Loved the 'Gentle Blanket of Peace' piece. Loved the Mary Oliver poem. :)


Nina, the worst thing you can do to yourself and to us is to take unkind, thoughtless criticism to heart. Your work and your words are so beautiful that we all feel incredibly privileged to have you share them with us. Remember this is YOUR space, YOUR art, and YOUR words. Don't let ANYONE hinder you. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. And crass comments are most dispensable. I love your blog--all of your art is breathtaking!


I enjoy it all. Every bit.


Hi, this is Joan again (see I am not posting as some anonymous someone). I appreciate all of your views on what I wrote the other week. They were not meant to be harsh, just making an observation. I would just like to defend myself. Firstly I am not ignorant, nor do I have an agenda what a stupid thing to say. I am also not depressed or sad or any other thing, I was merely saying it like I saw it. Oh and to the person ( I hesitate to call you a lady) who mentioned the horse....right back at you toots.

crescent rodgers

I think I understand why that comment bothered you, but- I always thought you posted to engage us in your process pf creating jewels by process. does that make sense? The rambles about the woods with Walter, the objects you found and continue to find, the thoughts you think as you wander throught the trails and alongside of waterways be they creks or streams, or the driveway. These are all part of your process and peresonally I have always felt honored that you've chosen to share the mysteriousness of how (I think) most artists figure out what they are working on.
Keep working out the problems, keep sharing, and know that I support you in all that you do, just like the other comments here.

Maria Cook

Oh Nina, do with these comments like you should do with everything else in life - take the good and leave the bad behind. I do not know why people want to be critical; it would be best to take a long look at one self. I am sure something could be found to remedy, versus looking at another person.
We love, we want to read your blog and we want to look at your jewelry, or other creations.
To the person who wrote the comment: take a good long look in the mirror and worry about that...

Kathleen Edwards Hayslett

Those critical comments are truly senseless and strange. I'm so glad you are back at it. I love reading your posts. They calm me down and provide a lot of hope and inspiration.


It's unanimous! We all enjoy your gorgeous words and photos. So whenever and whatever -I'm always delighted to hear from you.

jennifer thornton

so pleased you're posting again, i miss you so when there are no posts but i also understand the time and effort involved. as i've said before i print out your posts and keep them in a special book. i often read them in bed before i go to sleep. they calm me and help be realize how beautiful the world can be. i adore your jewellery and would love to purhase a piece but the exchange rate to the rand is a killer. so i need your posts. keep it up you are amazing.


Nina, your voice and vision are unique and beautiful. You have made it clear, through posts over time...over years that I have loved your work, that your writing comes from your heart (which it's obviously the very same place your magnificent jewellery comes from!) I treasure your posts! I know they would not be the same if you wrote daily. Your photos are stunning...they are works of art...they are gifts. I have not said it lately, but thank you. Your vision is shared in word, in image and in your unique pieces. I pray you get over the hurt that a sensitive soul feels at a rude, uncalled for comment, and let your beautiful life manifest healing in you, in all ways.
I am blessed by you.

Kat Langford

Dearest Nina,
I have followed your thoughtful musings for so long. I check and recheck as they give me such joy, such moments to go and take my own walk and discover the earth's beauty. Do not let anyone write on your heart. Where else can I dream of your jewelry? That is your art and that is why I am besotted by your heartfelt work. It is imbued with your love and care and creativity. Where else can I order a personalized piece (can't wait until it arrives!) and let the words keep rolling through the snow and rain and sunshine and river water. Rumble them forth - bravely curling those loving thoughts into little letters. Hit them with your hammer and your heart. Know you are part of my life and know that so many of us dearly hold this blog, your words, your art and your life in our hearts. Consider yourself hugged. Pat Walter for me too. He is part of my life too. I am blessed by knowing you - even virtually- someday I hope to meet you in person and take a class. LOVE.



I am deeply sorry for the hurt and insecurity a thoughtless comment had brought into your creative realm. If they don't like or appreciate what you have to generously share they have the choice to refrain from reading. I personally hope you never change your process of creating or sharing. I love getting a glimpse into the life and process of an artist I greatly admire. Your work is stunning and ever so much more meaningful because of the shared process. Please do not let one thoughtless comment derail your process. I read everyone of your posts and apologize that I don't always leave a comment to show my support for your work. Happy creating and joyful sharing!

Kat Langford

Water comes and water goes. Winter comes and winter goes. . . change is all around us and nature forgives us when we miss its subtle magic. Art is like that - it is a process and a wonder in all its growth and searching. Like the embroidery stitches in Nina's bird wonder shawl, that little remembering stitch for the Grand Canyon, it is a process. We are so lucky to share in Nina's path. Let this blog be a celebration of love and respect for all the wonder that is called life. We are all a family of artists in our own lives. I always feel as if I am peeking into Nina's secret self when she shares all she feels, sees, and creates. Water comes and water goes - we cannot step in that same river twice as the wisdom of the ancient one reminds of of us. Let it flow. Let it go. Let love come into this space. Amen.


Nina, those of us who know you love you just as you are. Nina is reflective, creative and always a heart full of LOVE.
I come to your blog to see the pics, read the reflections and also see the fabulous jewelry that is a tangible expression by you of all those experiences have inspired.
Having taken several classes from you I know jewelry making is your heart and soul. And yes you sell your jewelry. Not only to make a living but to share yourself with us.
This is your blog. Write what you want. When you want. Like your jewelry, no one would ever (or should ever) tell you what to make or how to make it.
Yes I get disappointed when there is no new post from you. But I still love you very much.


Nina, I add my voice to all those before me who have encouraged you to pay no heed to the words that have and continue to vex you...

The burden of a gentle creative spirit and heart is that they both stand open to barbs.

The joy of a gentle creative spirit and heart is that they both stand open to kindness.

It seems the fate of being a sensitive soul to be called upon to endure one in order to embrace the other...

Verbal barbs and kindness are, to me, much like wild roses and thorns ~ inexplicably paired.

Naught removes the sting of the 'thorns' but (if it helps) try to think most instead of the wild roses and chalk the remainder of the 'why'? up to the inexplicable.

Issy (who enjoys every aspect of your posts and each detail shared relating to your your wearable art)!

d smith kaich jones

when you disappear for a while, i assume you are working and thinking and working hard and taking it all in and letting what shows up in your jewelry be what moved you, what inspired you. i WANT to know what spoke to you and what you did with that speaking.

easy for me to say worry not, so i'll say worry the least amount possible, but don't let the worry be your boss.


Hey Nina, I always love to visit you on your blog. You are the same transforming beauty of beauty you have always been, inside, outside and between. How lucky we are that you come to this form in the world to share. I have one of your necklaces, I came across it while doing a thorough cleaning of my bedroom, I have been wearing it 24/7 ever since. How lucky I am. Be well, be free.


"....why i should refrain" ..... please don't refrain. I've been reading your blog for years and keep coming back because I love the way you write... I love that you share your process.... and I love seeing the world through your images... your eyes.


Creative bliss. Thank you Nina for sharing your craft and yourself.
Amongst love and good fortune, Life's path has bought me illness, disability and the inability to create for some years now. I hope that will change as each day I awake positively to a new day, to a new beginning. Finding your site today brought me joy and smiles here in a very wet and windy Wales, UK.
The birds are singing beautifully as it's a little past dawn.
If you can find understanding in your heart; perhaps thank the person whose words caused you to doubt yourself, thank her for the lessons that she brought you, then release your previous feelings about the words, let go and walk your path again with confidence and joy for all that you are, for all that you give and all that you have and share.
It is so wonderful that what you love doing feeds, sustains and nurtures you and brings joy and beauty into the lives of others.
Go well. Brightest

Annette Andres

Well of course this is what you do! This is why I come to your blog. I want to read what you write and see what you make and I'm hoping you will have something I can buy. If I'm ever disappointed it's because your little etsy store is sold out and I'm disappointed in myself for not keeping current with your writing making and selling.


I wonder if any of us see the barbs attached to some words and thoughts we toss about, and how they will wound those who get in their way. Sandra said it beautifully, and I too believe you make "good ripples" in this world, so travel on and do what you do. Perhaps the purpose of the injury was to allow you to write about it and thus make us all more aware of things we say. The new pieces are magical and though I came late to the post I hurried to your shop but found the two that spoke to me already gone. Oh well.... I have several to love already so I trust these went to someone else who heard their message in the heart. Stay Friend........ please stay, for we miss you terribly when you are gone.


Please do not listen to this single negative commenter. Your blog is art and a gift for all of us readers who check in with you. I love seeing your photographs and love seeing your wonderful new creations. I know it's hard to do, but just let that negative comment roll off your back. Continue making your art and your creative blog...and thank you for sharing so generously with us!

julie whitmore

oh dear. As an artist who has to make a living wage myself, and a friend, I take umbrage too. I know for myself my blog is like an extension of my studio; and mainly its about the work; the progress of it and the previewing. Its why I began it and I make no apologies. Its compelling here because we are able to see what inspires you, moves you and how you interpret that into your unique and gorgeous wearable art. And when you share part of your personal life; your new home; adored mother; sons and Walter, your nature walks and all the things that go into making a life, that is a special gift to your readers and proof of your generous spirit. Your special light always shines through, Nina~xxx


Wow, what lovely photos you have posted, thank you. Always great for me to be able to stop by and read and see everything you have been up to and what has been going on in your world. It's your blog and you can post whatever you want. I'll sure be here to read it, and be grateful for it. Thank You!
vickie in kc


I haven't read the other comments, so I have no idea if my sentiments are echoed here by others or not, but I feel sure they are. I've come here, off and on, for years, to read about your life, work, nature, family and your jewelry. Your jewelry is your art. I love seeing it and daydreaming about owning some! I love it and everything you share on your blog. I've often wished it was a book that I could hold close and dear.

That being said, I know what it's like to feel that you have to be careful what you say on your blog. It takes the joy out of the process. I hope you can ignore the person who tried to do this to you and continue on as before. Many of us would be less rich without your sharing.

Hugs, Sharon

Jenny Hanson me simple, but I enjoy coming here, its my little piece of me time, and I so love reading your posts, seeing your photos, and lo and behold your jewellery - the thing that brought me here in the first place. You have given me so much since I discovered your work and your blog Nina, do not stop anything for anyone except yourself.

kate mulligan

Hello Nina. Your Blog is Beautiful. Your Pictures are Beautiful. Your Art is Beautiful. You are Beautiful.

My advice (which you don't really need, but I would like to share..)
Forget about that goof balls comments!


The entitlement of readers like your self confessed critic astounds me. Why would you read an artist's blog and not expect to read about the work? Why dump your narrow and ignorant expectations on others rather than broaden your own horizons?
Your writing is a gift and when one cannot open up to a gift it is time to move along.
Nina, your writing is beautiful and inspiring and touches my soul. I look forward to finding a new post in my mailbox and am grateful whenever it arrives.


I think such a comment is unkind. And also so uncalled for. Of course you have to say things are for sale, but my goodness you say SO much more and the whole notification of things for sale is so gentle. The whole blog is a gift. Look at these pictures alone they are amazing. I would just try to ignore, who knows what is going on with people?


There is no way you can share yourself here on this blog without sharing your jewelry. Each piece is part and parcel of you, your life there, even Walter plays a role. Each piece you make is a work of art and has its own story. Your heart and soul goes into each piece--that much is apparent. You are not putting together mass produced beads into repetitive forms. You are creating, and creating is a process, and to include us--your readers--in that process is a privilege for us. Why? Because we get to partake vicariously, and see how the creation took shape, and was developed and finally came to be, when it was ready to be offered up. Offered up here. Where would we find anything like your creations? Here and here alone. So it is fitting that you offer them up here. This is where they belong. No matter if you post often are hardly at all, what I know is that when you do post, when you are ready, we will come here and find something that whispers to us, draws us, says come closer, says 'see?" And we behold. And are beholden.


Love to hear from you! Abouyt anything and Everything!


Dear Nina, I am just seeing your post this morning. (Note to self...ask computer why it is just showing up.) Although I have never met you personally, I know you, I understand you, your jewelry, your writings. A short story, one day while driving my car with another woman in the passenger seat, we stopped at a four way stop. Across the street on the side of the curb sat an object. I pointed and asked the woman what she saw. She said you mean that beat up old trash can with tree limbs coming out of it. I replied with I thought so. Because do you know what I see? I see an amazing vessel with shadows and curves holding an arrangement of branches in different shapes, sizes and hues of gray. I see beauty. She said I was crazy. Hmmm, but that is how I see everything. I told my musician uncle this, once upon a time, he told me he understood because he sees music notes in the wind.
When I show my work, I am showing the world my soul. I recently stopped showing because I received an email from someone saying "to stop, my artwork was a disgrace". My first reaction was to fire back with wild, red hot stinging words. I didn't. I wrote back telling her I understood, not everyone gets my artwork and thanked her for taking the time to email me. Obviously, I aroused an emotion in her! Isn't that what art is all about...arousing an emotion?
Nina, do not let one little tiny person have that much power over you that you EVEN BEGIN to question your talent or J.O.B. It is not worth it. Besides, when you don't make jewelry or stop posting about your Mom, Walter, your amazing finds by the river, which keep me drooling, what will I ever do???? Thank you for sharing your feelings. Now, block that bitch!!!!


Your posts, Your pictures, Your life in water color, in thread and ornaments. It's you, your life and love. Keep doing what you do and in any way you want to.

barbara lassiter

I like seeing the items you create and I like taking the walk with you down by the creek or down the road; and I like seeing the patterns made by the snow and hearing what inspires you. The point I'm making is this...if someone doesn't like this, they don't have to look at your blog and it's not necessary to be derogatory. I was taught... "If you can't say something kind, don't speak". Just be you and continue to be creative and share with those who enjoy your blog so much.


Don't let one rude comment spoil the 20 other positive ones. It's her problem...not yours. xo

Stick Horse Cowgirl V

Thank you, thank you for sharing your lovely posts! I want to encourage women to be artists, to support themselves and their children. I would love to see every woman be able to take advantage of the opportunities the internet offers for livelihood, for creativity, for the joy of art itself and sharing that artful lifestyle with others! You are the second blogger I have read this week who has received a critical comment--I just don't get it--they just need to move on --but why do they feel the need to leave their discouraging words? That is what flabbergasts me!

Patty Musgrove

Artists make, critics take. Carry on, gentle maker. Don't give anything like that comment a place to take root in your life. Lovely
photos, thanks for sharing them.

Sue Smith

Love your words, love your work, love your thoughts, love your heart - your writing breathes love x x

Bonnie Moench

Why are some people just not happy until they strike out and hurt some one. This person doesn't have to read your blog...she chose to come to it and read it. If she was offended then good manners says that she should just keep quiet. As far. As I am concerned you are allowed to post whatever you want whenever you want...and this angry, troubled soul can go straight to " you know where"
I am so angry right now, but dear Nina I love your blog, the wonder that you see in everyday things, that you share your love of all things beautiful or ordinary.....please don't let this one person ruin it for you.


You Spill your Heart for all to see and feel. Your stories and jewelry are your work(art).
One without the other does not work for you,or me.
Some people sell their art for just the piece,but i love your stories and how they relate,its your inspiration. I've been reading your blog for along time.And i don't post much at all,just felt i had to speak my peace!
Thank you Nina for Spilling!
(you inspire me!)


keep going, nina.


Mary Oliver's words are so right and good. Lovely thoughts to go with your pictures of the glorious snow.

Frankie Brost

Your posts are art. Don't let a disgruntled person change anything about you or your beauty. XO


I've been gone too long. Not for any particular reason. you said just not enough time in a day. Your post both excited me and saddened me. Sad to know that someone had touched your heart in such a fierce manner. Excited to again see some of your world and your beautiful jewelry. Who cares what anyone else thinks. This is YOUR Place...YOUR Blog...Your world. And I want to hear about you...I care about you! Your jewelry is a part of you and you are a part of your jewelry. I loved the bracelet seen here. I Loved the red barn. The many heart shaped stones. I vow to be back again. Soon!

bev b

I second what Diana wrote on the first comment. I love coming here to read your wonderful words and get inspired by your wonderful works of art and photography. This is YOUR space and if "they" have issues, so be it - block them from posting - you don't need such trivial negativity. Don't hesitate to post because of one or some. Even though I don't visit every day, when I do I catch up and enjoy your posts more than you know. Some days I wished I lived right next door! Keep posting for us and for yourself most of should have no doubts.

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