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Ann Campoll

Such lovely photos. I admire your acceptance of the care of your loved ones; not everyone does that.


Just glad to hear from you whenever you have the breath or space to do so, however brief. You have more sacred tasks to attend to there, with your momma bereaved again, feeling her pain and loss, and you shoring her up as she sees yet another person in her life fade away. Blessings to you all, dear friend.

Cindy Dean

Sending love to you and your mother.... xoxo

Johnny Dunn

Very sorry for your loss. Please tell your Mom that she as well as you are in my prayers. God bless you both. Johnny


Thinking of you...


Love to you.

Judy Merrill-Smith

I am so sorry for your loss, and so moved by your ability to find grace and beauty amidst it all. Sending you & your mom a hug across the miles.


So sorry nina, big hug to your mom !


Nina, wrap the "small bird wings" of your heart around your mother, easing what you can for her. Simply having you near, having your help, having your love and strength close at hand is the gift without measure.

And amid any random fleeting moment that swirls around you with a bit of quiet and calm please take care of (and for) yourself.... Your gentle heart must be SO far beyond weary.

Lean on Julie as you need (she knows what will help, trusted soul-friend that she is).

We (all) look forward to your words, whenever life offers you some peace, some calm. When you return we will be here waiting.

Please give my thoughts of comfort to your mom.



Nina, my condolences on your uncle's passing. These are sacred duties we perform for our loved ones and they resonate through earth and heaven, forever. Though you're weary, I hope you can realize what a service and blessing it was to be there for your family members. Many blessings to you, and I'm grateful for your sharing of your heart.

Lesley Jacobs

Dear Nina,
We are in the thick of this phase of life, aren't we? We're aging, our families are aging, and it is a gift to be able to support them and love them as they make their way to what comes next. I honor you and your family for your sweet care of each other, and I honor our friends who instinctively know when it is time to come to your aid.

My dad died last May after a two year health struggle that included open heart surgery and then the discovery that he had leukemia. He was a tough character to say the least. Despite that, we dropped our normal life activity and went into parental care mode again. Just 8 years after losing mom from blood cancer of another kind... here we were again. We knew the territory. We are good at this care thing now. We fell in love with the healthcare team. Dad did too. Over a two year timeframe we had the surprise and delight of witnessing the softening of the old coot. He learned how to chuckle. He learned about gratitude. He learned just how powerful unconditional love is. We did too. It was an amazing experience and I am thankful we had the opportunity to open those doors and see an unexpected side of each other.

I know that in the care you've given your family members through this time of life, you've experienced the same gifts. I know you've given your time, care, and love freely and I know that while you are suffering, there is a powerful sweetness there too.

I send you my love and a big long hug, from Seattle.

Wendy D.

Nina, sending gentle thoughts for you and your family. . .

Gloria martin

Dearest Nina, sending you, your sweet mama, and your family my deepest, most sincere condolences.....along with many warm hugs.

Tina M.

so many many. that, i do know. dad left us only last week and the blur hasn't cleared yet. but in the midst of it all, love. hoping the sun warms your shoulders and the wind blows strength into your soul. love and hugs to you and yours, my friend. xo


Sending warmest wishes and condolences to you and your family at such a heart wrenching time. You are truly blessed to have such a good friend and your mother is truly best to have you. x


I was just thinking of you this morning Nina, and that you hadn't posted for a while. I had a feeling that perhaps everything was not ok. Condolences to you and your family at this sad time. xo


ooooh Nina,
Sorry for your loss.
Illness, strife, planning has been on the radar on this side of the world too. Just popped in today(had a few minutes to spare) Thinking of you today.
Take care now. Hope you can get some rest.
Also, love your latest ornaments.

Red Sandlin

I saw you pop up and happy to see it but only to hear of your sad news. I know this loss. OH sweet NIna you and the family are in our thoughts and prayers that peace find its way to your heart. Sending healing hugs your way.

Bonnie Moench


My heart is with you....I do understand the responsibility that you have taken on. This is our time to be the caregivers...even if we feel to young. It is hard to think that one day we will be the seniors. Your Mother is so lucky to have your support. Don't forget to take care of yourself too.

Sending love.
Bonnie xoxo


Hadn't expected you to find time to write, but so appreciative that you did.
Sending love and hugs, you're where you need to be, doing what you need to be doing... xox


I am truly sorry to hear about your uncle. Your writing is beautiful. Hope to see you while you are here. Much love,


Thinking of you & your family.


dear nina--so glad you wrote of your loss so we can share your grief and offer our sympathy. i am sure your mother is grateful to have you and walter there just as you were grateful for julie. my dad died not that long ago and his loss is still so raw. i missed your posting of the last jewelry trinkets so will be waiting to see what magic you have waiting to share. hugs, erin

Sherrye DUNN

So very sorry Nina. What a sweet person you are. Much love.

Jean Holland

My heart goes out to you and your mom your family and friends and Walter...May God comfort you in your time of sorrow...I'm glad you where there when your family needed you...Your in my Prayers God Bless

Margo Tantau

Dearest Nina who sees beauty in all things- My heart goes out to you & your Momma. For everything there is a season- some we are not ready to embrace. Sending love. -margo

Jacky Mcfarlane

Love to you and your Mom. And big blessings to Julie who was able to do what many of us would love to do for you.



Monika Schmid

I am so sorry for your loss dear Nina. Sending you and your mum bright blessings and comforting hugs also to your wonderful friend Julie. xoxo

Anna Maria Stone

Sending my love and condolences to you and to your Mom.


Sending light and love to you and your dear Mom...xo


I'm sorry about your sadness. It sounds as if you helped your uncle leave this life with grace. I do not believe there is a greater gift. I think of this occasionally as my mother gets older, and my circle of intimates becomes smaller. I wonder if I'll be up to the task, and I selfishly wonder who will be there for me. The questions that are asked in the dark of the night! I'm thankful for these connections through the wires, that help me feel less alone. Thinking of you. much love Lorrie

Karen Robison

Be well. I can learn from your dear and generous heart.

Mary Beth Shaw

Pattern and rhythm of life and death. I don't necessarily like these times, yet you communicate them so beautifully. I miss seeing you. xo


Your words always evoke such emotion Nina...peace to you and your family. xxx, L


I'm so sorry for your loss. Heartfelt condolences.


Hearing from you is always a breath of fresh air - I am delighted that you can muster enough strength to catch up and let us know you are ok. My sympathies to you and your family.


I am here in between your mom and your home. Please let me know how I can be of help should you need some. Much love to you and your mother. Take care. xox martha


Lesley, I had no idea about your dad. Im so sorry! my own Daddy passed away three years ago in May. I cant believe its been eight years since your bright light of a mama passed on to another place. time is ever mercurial. your words mean the world to me, sweet friend xoxo

Sent from my little phone

jennifer thornton

life can be so hard. it's so sad watching someone leave. my mom is fading and it's crippling to watch the struggle. but more than once we all go through it.

Carol Weiler

Despite any plans we may have, life and death happen on their own time and if we give all we have to our dearest loved ones ,when they need it the most, we have done well. Your lovely words even during the most trying times are music to the ears and artful in themselves. Thank you for sharing.

Ailsa Willis

Sending love and hugs to you and your dear mother.


Sending much love your way during this time, and always. Family is everything. Having a disabled husband whom I have to help care for, as well as both elderly parents, I do understand what this all entails. It can be so overwhelming, but we do it because we love.
All my best, Vickie in KC
PS, Walter is adorable as always!

Kat Langford

I thought of the dandelion in the light - so many little wishes held by a tenuous, fragile connection and thought of what you have experienced with your family. One little puff off into a new adventure and we are the ones who send it off with love and sorrow and faith. May you find a happy medium between the top of the sky and the firm earth. Hug Julie. Hug Walter. Hug your lovely, brave and strong mother and then hug yourself. I am sending a virtual hug. Life is a journey in a small, reliable boat upon the waters of surprise and adventure. Sometimes, like the skies above, it bodes the power it holds and sometimes it is calm and reassuring. So it is the perfect reflection of this life we all share. Blessings upon your head and may the wind be at your back. HUGS.

Monica aka The Creative Beast

Nina, I am so sorry to hear that your uncle has passed on and sorrier still to read that you felt badly for not being with your mother at the crucial moment, but I hope you can see that your presence for so many days leading to the end is just as worthwhile because you were there to provide much needed support in ways big and small that you may never really know about, but I'm sure you're mother has felt. I send you hopes for a smooth grieving period and a smoother process for closing up all the loose ends that made up your uncle's life.

angi eharis

nina, u write such beautiful words, i am so happy u and walter were able to be with your mom and uncle, u certainly have had losses, we know they are part of life, but it always brings such sadness, but most important is that it brings us together with our loved ones, hopefully, but not always, so know this is a blessing in your life and you will only gain from this experience, here is my favorite words about death: "when i entered this life i was crying and everyone in the room was laughing, and when i left this life, everyone in the room was crying and i was laughing". aloha nui loa, angi in hana


Dearest Nina, how strange it is at our age,life showing us such profound and heart breaking realities,I feel your loss and as always, a deep sense of kinship. The contrast of light and dark, beginnings and endings, is so sharp as the buds break with new hope.I lost my partner of more than three decades, two years ago this month, and my own lovely Dad a few months later.
My love to you and your loved ones,
Ruth xxx


My deepest condolences to both you and your sweet mama on your loss of Uncle Bob. Thankfully you are there to help - and in your own way you will also thank a wonderful friend such as Julie - she really must be a saint, or at least a caring friend in every sense of the word.
Walter's portrait is perfect for this long awaited post Nina - he just has such a beautiful expression on that handsome face.

Hang in there and try to come back to the NC mountains while Spring is bursting forth - I know how much you love it.

Hugs - Mary

Teresa Atkinson

Nina - I am so sorry. Many prayers will be lifted for you and your precious mom.

barbara lassiter

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your Mother during this time. Blessings on you both as you deal with your sorrow and all the other little details when someone near and dear is no longer there with you.

barbara karr

Thinking of you, Nina, and always wondering how you are. Hugs


Sending you and your mother warm thoughts during this difficult time. I'm glad your uncle and mom and had your help Nina.

Bev B

Nina, just happening to catch up on some blog reading. First let me say that I am so sorry for your loss. You too are a saint to your mom, being there for her, I am sure more than you know.

I love the photos you posted as well.

With hugs <3

Jenny Hanson

I'm sad to we have shared similar sorrows as my Mum's dearest brother also passed & was farewelled this past week. All of my creative habits ceased during his rapid decline, but I can slowly see a light at the end of the tunnel since his pain has stopped. Our's of course continues, but we are comforted by memories. I am truly sorry for your loss and send much love to you & your Mum, and blessings to your lovely friend for helping you. So nice to see gorgeous Walter as always <3


Hey. Just catching up on my blog reading too, and am sorry for your loss. I know you will be a wonderful help to your mom. I was reading some older posts of yours and saw that some cruel person's comment about you writing about your jewelry made you reluctant to post . I want you to know that I LOVE your blog, and all of your postings about your jewelry and what you find on your adventures with Walter outside. They are unbelievably inspiring to me.i love your photography, and how you write detailed passages about how you do what you do, and why. I also love that you are a fellow collector of found things, treasures. I am an teacher in Athens ga. Who collects cool found natural stuff along with my daughter (12) and sometimes makes jewelry, clothings, journals, paintings pots and soon. Thank you, thank you for being so incredibly open and willing to share!


thank you for the look into your life.

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