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Tina M.

yes. change is constant, life sails on. and yet in every season, even in the mire and the muck, we look forward...ahead...beyond. that's called hope. xo


Oh my dear friend... Your words are balm xoxoxo


Oh, and in reference to porcelain and crystal... I have personal experience in such matters (!!!) however, if you haven't already read it, may I recommend "The hare with the amber eyes" by Edmund de Waal. I'm loving it at the moment. A lovely memoir of an artists insight into an inherited collection. x

Holly Abston

Oh Nina, your writing touches my soul.


Nina , you write so beautifully and always reach right into my heart when i read them…..You are such a poet. Love reading your posts……….you make the simple things…so sublime


Beautiful! The gift of presence is such a valuable gift. Your mom and you both will always treasure this season together. Love you both.

Jennifer Cabezas

I. Love. You.

Nothing less.



Resting after a 13.5 hour shift reading your words has been quieting to my mind. Loss, letting go, time moving on, these things are on my mind a lot these days. Time has become finite everything is precious. Lorrie

Bonnie Moench

Your words are always so comforting. You are right life does go sailing on....but after the loss of a loved one....the sailing is not smooth. I had no idea it would hurt this much....I am waiting for the time when life seems even one bit normal again. Until then I need to hear about spring and the flowers, and that the world is still ok.

Xoxo Bonnie

nancy k

dear sweet nina, how kind of you to think of us. you know we are waiting, checking to see if you posted and you did. my very humble thanks…….because well you know those words of yours they are so very welcome.
xxx00x00xx000xx namaste


Thinking of you and all that you are carrying along. It's in the doing, right? So much comfort there. Xo


Would love to be the recipient of one of those Lace Ships..... sigh

Wendy D.

We've had a beautiful spring in Alabama this year and I'm glad that you're sharing it with us, enjoying the gift of time with your mom (and the magnolias!) and offering the gift of loving attention to the dailiness of your circumstances. The NC mountains are calling you and I trust that you'll be back there at the perfect time -- you'll know when that is. Take care. . .

Claire Smith

Oh Nina, your words paint the most beautiful pictures, sitting here in bed with my breakfast, they carry me away to a far off place. A place I've never visited but feel I know by seeing it through your eyes.......
Enjoy the time with your mom and those wonderful Magnolias.......sigh!!

Claire X


You always have the most beautiful words to go with your beautiful images here. I'm very sorry about your Uncle's passing. I know your mom must be happy to have you visiting with her like this. Take care!
love & blessings


This really spoke to me today. I had some very sad news about a dear friend of mine this morning and -- oh I'm feeling old. Getting old. Letting go of so many things.

Bob Hosler

I know I've asked before but tell me please, do you use a filter (and frame) app. for your photos? My iPhone is new and I haven't learned yet which app.'s are the most useful for achieving the vintage looks that you enhance your photos with. Thanks very much.


Oh Nina, your words in this post touch the most melancholy place in my heart. Yes, enjoy being with your mother for as long as you can. My mother is herself...and she is not. While I know it is she I also ask myself at the same time who is this woman? Yes, we do all age and cannot turn back time so enjoy this time and space. It all goes too quickly.

Patricia Walters


I was so lovely to see a new post from you. I can picture you both doing what needs to be done for your uncle and the every day taking care of your mama and also your sitting quietly working on your wonderful art and renewing your soul. The pictures you've posted speak to me of serenity.

Thank you for this little peak into your life now.

Dawn Close

Thank you for sharing
such lovely and tender
hearted ruminations.

Bless your
Precious Heart,

Dawn xo


You are giving the most incredible gift to you mother. I'm sure she feels so thankful for your presence. All the chores you've taken on have given her a chance to take in her loss without being overly stressed by life's demands. You are giving her the gift of security by showing her that when her time comes she will be loved and cared for in the most special and spiritual of ways.
I have been though much of what you've experienced as so many others have and I'm so fortunate that my mom lives in my town. I'm so glad for you that you have such a thoughtful and trusted friend as well. Be well.


Dear Nina, I haven't been a very good blog reader lately…well, for several months, but not for any reason other than time. Or, the lack of it, I should say. But here I am again, and it kind of feels like going to see an old friend that I've lost contact with for awhile. all I really want to say, Nina, is that you are so beautiful. Your work, your blog, your musings and all that you are is so beautiful, deeply etched, so visible and yet not obvious, but the kind of beauty that one becomes over time. Thank you for always sharing from your heart…you are loved, dear lady.


Greetings~ I have always been so enamored by your jewelry. The fresh natural honestly of it. As I read your blog, it saw that it resonated with the same things. A beautiful soul. You are able to express yourself in all manner of ways. Words, photos, and jewelry.

I'm a gusher. I gush on and on about the things that touch my heart and soul.

I am gushing about you. Thank you for sharing and being such an inspirtaion to me.

Jennifer Valetine

After so many beautiful comments...
I can only add my humble little "you are such beautiful inspiration..."
You are.
To so many.

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