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you are a good woman, m' parent, child
or friend could ask for more...

you may be tired to the bone, but the air and
environment around you will have you restored
and on to new things very soon.

be tender with yourself...x0x0x0x0x0x


Put me on your dance card one of these days. Love to you. So glad you had these precious times together.

Tina M.

welcome home. enjoy the moments and treasure the memories. xo


Although your time with Momma was a gift, I am happy to think of you tucked away at home with walks down the lane with Walter, love you dear friend!


It is nice you are home. I know you treasure the time spent with your mother, you were so fortunate to have it. Your cabin seems like it is a magical place. Fireflies- I've forgotten how wonderful they are!


Welcome home. You were missed.

kathy dorfer

glad to hear you made it home (:
your mama must miss you .

Monica aka The Creative Beast

Catching up on your previous post and this one...Nina, I envy your close relationship with your mother and always rejoice that you have been provided with such a wonderful home through your parents. I love visiting your blog because you share peeks and snippets of your gorgeously charmed life, which is always refreshing and inspiring to me. I hope your mama keeps well and in good health for MANY more years to come so you can continue to enjoy time in her presence for as along as you can! And ditto for your sister =)


welcome home!


Loving the new look in your photo xoxo!

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