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Lovely days Nina! My days are quite different,but they have their moments. Keeping the feeders and fountain full for the birds is a task that I love doing. When I have bit of time I love stitching up things with my bits of silk.

Tina M.

such a post invites the deep breaths that come with summer. easing back into the living part of living....the answer to most of the questions is....yes. enjoy this one fine summer day, every day. xo

julie whitmore

O I love your hair in braids.
Its wonderful not to wear a watch!
me neither.
I' d like to lie in the grass and roll down a hill and land at the foot of a warm lake and take a swim and then ride an innertube back home and rustle up some fresh fish and
well; I am rambling.
But I am taking today 'off' and feel like I'm playing hookie from school; or going on a field trip.
These kinds of days always last the longest!

Kat Langford

You make me so glad to just be human - alive and just in the moment. Here in Florida, it is just so very hot that gardening is done early in the morning and shade becomes your friend. I just love reading of your adventures and they inspire me to be busy as a proverbial bee during these summer months. Joys to you as your journey from day to day and no, you do NOT need a watch. Use the sun and, by the way, enjoy the giant moon tonight. It is a super moon beckoning all the rabbits to dance. JOY!


Do you know what you are? you are a manuscript of a divine letter, you are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you, look inside yourself, everything that you want you are already........


What Wendy are a gift to us, Nina, I always love it when I 'pop by' and you have shared snippets of your a friend said of my brother rings true here..."you have always left me with a dose of joy...and thought"
OX Judy


Love that you still feel the urge to keep us in your busy loop of life. You really are missed when gone from here - it's the only way we can communicate AND be thrilled with photos of your most recent lovely work Nina.

Hope mother is doing well, the boys too, and dear sweet Walter is ever at your side doing doggie things which bring a smile to your face.

Yes, days fly by, nights seem shorter, the clock chimes, the sun comes up……guess this is life! We just returned from the Baltic and St. Petersburg, Russia…….the Hermitage Museum, the art inside the palaces and churches, even the subway, stupendous in every way.

Hope you enjoy remaining Summer days - we hope to come back to the mountains when it cools off a bit.

Hugs and blessings………..Mary

Karen Robison

Dear Nina - Love to hear (read!) your thoughts and quiet adventures. My youngest, Konrad, was married to Holly yesterday. As I gathered flowers and made bouquets and nosegays - I thought of you wandering with Walter. I picked a big bunch of sweet grass and just under the stems - a heart shaped rock! Perfect. My husband Pat and I often go 'shopping for art supplies' which means wandering the side roads, railroad tracks, and Kettle Moraine. Be well! K


I will begin to catch up with my favorite blogs again. and your was first i had to visit. I do love to see your photos on Instagram, but love to read your heart warming words in here. those photos of yours are so beautiful. Especially the picnic photo, it's like straight from a lovely book! Have you ever read book called Cranford? I usually read it on summer time, sometimes couple of times.

Have a lovely day sweet Nina, Delila.


At this point it's just one Loooooong day with intermittent periods of darkness.

nancy k

dear sweet nina welcome to the grey braid sisterhood. :)
what a beautiful post, its true we miss you so, thank you for your gift of life and your eyes that share such beautiful places and for words that sing songs of your days.

here in the canyon i've been planting hollyhocks everywhere and wildflowers, digging, making pathways, all with my lantern at night so i can turn it off and see all the stars and the milky way. and dance with the moths as the comets come and go.

namaste my kindred spirit x00xxx0xxx00000x

Joanie Hoffman

I love the thimble photo. Perfect! Happy days!!!

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