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Tina M.

Oh, those blues are lovely...shades of the Carolina sky. And yes, seasons come and go entirely too quickly of late....entirely too quickly, indeed. x

kathy dorfer

great post ..always love seeing your work and what you see everyday . you are one blessed girl (:

Kat Langford

Tonight we go to see the falling stars before the SUPER super big moon on the 11th and I always think of how much you love nature too. Thank you for the blue sky. I did notice how many big white cumulus clouds were sporting about for possible rain. It is so hot during the day that the mornings and evenings are when I go out and about. Bless you and your musings. Bless you and your merry jewelry. Seasons do go and the days wisp by in this blue sky world we share. Blessings to you and your adventures. May you have an abundance of joy.


Hi Nina, been a while. I'm getting old and lazy. You are still making beautiful jewelry and living in wonderful places. You seems to appreciate it all which is the best way to live.
Wish we could borrow some of your rain. We need it badly here in a very dry California.
Keep being the creative girl that you are. It's the joy of life.


i can try to tell you how your words move me.
and then no i can't.


Today I have said good bye to my own sweet mommy at the airport as she flies back to Florida. My brother let a few days ago back to Minnesota. This summer has been so full of the wonderful - family, friends, love; and the awful - health, sadness. Trying to capture it all and hold it while it slips through my hands like the rain that is falling.

Your posts are always so timely for me. Your jewelry amazing. xoxo


I found you again after many years. I had been wondering how things were going for you. I find you safe and happy. Good.
Now I will put you in my bloglist and read backwards to find out what you have been up to while I was gone.

Jenny Hanson

And now its nearly September and we are coming out of Winter and into Spring in Australia. I look forward to those lazy hazy days in the sun. Hope Walter is well and you enjoy your precious surroundings, with love x

Wanda Bowring

I stopped by to visit today. You are like a secret friend I turn too when lost. Today I feel more lost than usual. One of the greatest appeals for me (to be here) is that you are yourself.

I enjoy the voyeurism of looking over your shoulder and peaking into your life. Maybe I am searching for a glimpse of myself. Something to remind me of which road to take back to myself.
Thanks for being there.


Aw. Still August in your world? I've been checking regularly to see what you're up to, and I hope all is well.

Ellen Specht

Dear Nina, I love your writing so much...and I miss your voice. So much of what you write touches me deeply. Whether you are writing about depression, fatigue, joy, serenity, the beauty of nature, or the joy of being a maker of art.....I find your narrative voice to be extraordinary. I miss it. Will you write soon? Love from Ellen Specht

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