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lovely. just perfect. (except the sick part.)
happy holidays, nina!

Tina M.

I love this to the point of tears. really. so, life has happened. doesn't it, for all of us?
and all those wishes you send, I wish the same for you, my friend. may the holidays and the new year be gentle and kind.

Ann campoll

You sound content.

bonnie moench

What a beautiful post to wake up to. I have missed you dear friend.

Merry Christmas Nina. Wishing you happiness always


Peace and love and happy holidays to you, Estrella Nina. I love that figure dancing out on a limb of the Christmas tree in the last photo!


What a lovely post. And I cannot wait to see the entire piece with the thimble. You have set my day off to a beautiful start. Thank you. A wonderful holiday to you.

Amy Evans

This is such a lovely message. blessings to you this Christmas dear friend.


so looking forward to visiting and singing with you!


And, bless you as well...


Wishing you an Happy Holiday dearest,and much joy for the coming New Year!

nancy k

namaste dear nina, may peace be with you and yours.

Libby White

I really miss you Nina. I am glad to hear you are doing well and are relaxed after the tough spring and summer you had. I retire in April so I will be broke but will have the time to maybe come visit for a day. I need a Miss Nina hug and one from Walter too. Here's hoping we all find peace and creativity in 2015.


How lovely to see this today, I have missed reading your posts Nina.
Have a wonderful Christmas xo

carol mayer

i was just thinking of you about an hour ago! wondering how you were and what you were up to. happy holidays to you...and don't stay away too long!


Hallo dear heart!
How lovely to see you back here.
Wishing you a very merry, holly berry, ding dong belly Christmas.....and a peaceful and creative New Year.

Love Susan in oz


Look forward to seeing your work in Belle Armoire. Merry Cgi
Heist as!

Monica aka The Creative Beast

What a treat to discover your blog post and to read about what has been taking place since your last blog post. Your thanksgiving sounds like a wonderful time despite being sick, but you certainly have great people supporting you in your life, Nina! AMe the jewelry you have been making is gorgeous, as always!! I will have to pick up that copy of Belle Armoire so I can see the special necklace you have created for yourself - the tiny peek you shared has me itching to see more!
Your work is truly one of a kind, Nina, and having perused your blog since its inception, I can see your artistry throughout, along with the ways you have added elements as you've grown and matured as the artist you are. You have a beautiful body of work to be proud of!
It's also great to read about how you've been chomping to return to techniques you've learned in the past. I love learning new things from wonderful instructors, such as yourself, and it can take a year or two for me to return to what I have learned before incorporating some of it in my work. It's good to hear that I'm not alone in this!
I wish for you a most magical season and a New Year filled with more of the same!


I've missed your posts Nina! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a Happy News Year!

kathy dorfer

i do miss your writing (:
merry christmas to you and your family .


So wonderful to see a new post from you; really missed your great photos and inspiring words. All the best to you!


How wonderful to hear from you. It's a gift to us - a lovely Christmas gift. My heart is smiling.

Sofa King

happy to read your post. Many changes have occurred in the kingdom and meeting for sustenance does not look likely in the near future. A telephone conversation might be nice but the royal page has misplaced your number and the Kingdom has a new number and shant be posting it here for the peasants to see. Perhaps you could send yours by this new fangled email type of communication - either to the email associated with this post or the one you have used in the past. If you use the past one, just send your number and no further message and the King will be in touch. Good day M'Lady.

Claire Smith

How wonderful to find another post before years end Nina.....your words make me sigh, they paint such beautiful pictures........such a gift. I can imagine how lovely it would be to sit by the fire and enjoy the quiet evenings at Heartrock Hill.
We all lead such different and varied lives.....
Wishing you all the best for Christmas and into the new year, thank you for this lovely gift of a sneak peek into your world....Xx


Love reading your posts and seeing your work. Happy Holiday Season.


Dear Nina, I came upon your post quite by accident and for that I am truly grateful. Your art is magnificent and your writing is truly majikal !Such comfort in your words. Thank life is horrendous right now but reading your posts has given me hope that perhaps better days are on the horizon and to believe that good people do exist. Thank you and A blessed Holiday Season to you and yours.


Merry, Merry Christmas to you too. While I have missed your posts, I must confess that the photo of the Queen's Anne Lace held in front of a blue August sky has made me smile on so many dreary and grey days. With so much brown & bare, I forget how much color can fill the world and it is such a lovely reminder.

Angi eharis

I just delight in reading your beautiful words, well worth the wait, which is why I always make sure now and then to check your site. Life is sweet and full for all, we are so lucky, beautiful artwork, beautiful home, I do hope some year in the future I get to do a class with you in your place and meet Walter, much aloha these holidays to u and your family, aloha, angi in Hana

pati ray

So happy to hear your absence was just you living and enjoying and creating. Friends will always stay and await while you make time to create. Happy holiday and may 2015 continue to bring you blessings.

Keala Inviong -Ako

Aloha Mele Kalikimaka a me Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Happy New year Nina Aloha from Keala Ako. I enjoy your blog very much and thank you for your inspiration. You seem to be having such a fulfilling life. We are Blessed I know I try to look for the good things to share. I believe that's what you doIfanyone doesn't like your ideas they can stop reading. Find another person to bum out! Sheesh some people like to be downer sz. We have to fly past them Nina Take Care Aloha Keala.


Lovely to read your post and hoping all is well into the new year.


How lovely to stop by to find your enchanting news & warm holiday greetings. It's always a treasure, no matter the time that passes in between. Wishing you & loved ones abundant blessings in 2015.


been thinking of you ... glad to hear and see your vibrant creative spirit flourishing ... sending well wishes for the new year, love and light ... kvk

Sharon Siqueiros


Richelle Post

Yay!!! Your soldering!!!

Deborah Guthrie

A beautiful blog post. I'm looking at it late, early in the new year so a very Happy New Year to you.


and hello, hello, hello to you.
your blog is soothing to me.
thank you.

Carol Hicks

After an evening spent knotting pearls, I was thinking of you so I popped on here this morning to say hello. Imagine my surprise when I saw this lovely long blog post. I can't wait to see the article you mentioned. What a treat. I hope the new year is starting out wonderfully for you, Miss Nina.


Why wait for spring? How 'bout dropping in to write an update now (soon)? :) Would love to hear how you are and what you've been up to. You are ALWAYS an inspiration.

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