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I just put down my issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry - I bought it because your work is on the cover. Your jewelry is like music for the eyes and more precious than gold! Lovely article too; captured your past, living from the heart, and moving forward.

Theresa Fosdick

Just picked one up on Thursday was a wonderful article and totally mesmerized by your jewelry.

Tina Gilmore

Hi Nina, lovely to hear from you and congratulations on your feature in Belle Armoire, they are difficult to get here in the UK, but i'll persevere. Love your photos and words as always. Hope Spring settles in very soon and quickly for you, and that you and yours are happy and healthy. Much love xxxxx


Photos are pure bliss, you have been missed!


You are so talented! Your jewelry is beautifully unique. And your photos are inspiring. Happy Spring to you, too!

Joni Startzman

I bought the magazine because you were featured. Beautiful article!! I am loving Instagram,and although I of course love your blog entries, often an image is enough too.

Tina M.

Beautifuls! You have indeed been missed.


I'm so glad you took the time to "drop in." I don't do Instagram, so I'm happy to see that all seems to be going well with you. I do miss your posts.

martha appleberry

me too, happy to see a post. I look every Sunday to see if you have stopped by. Glad things are moving along. I look forward to seeing the magazine article. Congratulations!


Loved the article,your work is so beautiful.
Spring has most definitely shown up here in SoCal,I have been bringing tussie-mussies of roses and scented geranium into the house and sleeping with the windows wide open!


i have missed your lovely posts. so good to hear from you as spring brightens the earth with flowers.


I've missed your updates. I check almost every day to see you if you've been here. I love your perspective.

Angi eharis

Stunning pics and art/jewelry! So inspiring, tx for sharing Nina, what a blessing/gift for all of us in blog land, can't wait to get the magazine, I wish I could get off this island to take a class with u! Aloha, angi in hana


A visual feast! A post from you is a treasure to be savored.

Do you ever have any workshops in utah?
Dawn Draney

jennifer thornton

awesome and amazing as usual, thanks so much.


yay! walter on the beach!!!

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