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Erin Perry

Good to hear from you my friend. A lovely post. I think your 5 statements and their accompanying pictures are brilliant - things we all could be doing to make our lives richer and more real.
Thank you for sharing, Erin in Morro Bay.


Yes, lovely post indeed. Thanks as always for sharing.

Erin Gergen Halls

I first started reading you, here, years before your Dad passed...and even years before mine did. You've grown and changed and become something more than, perhaps, you were back then, but your voice is still so familiar and important to me. Sometimes reality gets in the way of dreaming, and vice versa, but the common thread of then and now is the lovely, beautiful, and light-filled, soul of Nina. So open, so honest, so treasured. I look forward to every encounter, here. Bright blessings to you on your new start, and may you have many more of them. xoxo

Ann Campoll

I so hear you, I do!


Oh Nina, how I've missed your words. I love your Instagram, but this was so lovely to read. Yesterday I helped my little 18 year old dog cross the rainbow bridge. Today has been full of memories and ghosts. Your posting brought tears to my eyes. Love Lorrie

Tina M.

This post touches me to the core. It does. All the parts and pieces. Yes.

Leslie M

Such a lovely thoughtful post, Nina. So nice to read your thoughts and see your beautiful images. xo


Ah yes that familiar voice. I've been reading your blog for years and i'm always happy to find a new post. This post with beautiful inspiring images is particularly welcome.

kathy dorfer

as always ... awesome . such a joy to read this tonight .
thank you
dream ... thanks for the reminder .


Such a beautiful post.....wishing you beautiful dreams & never stop following these dreams x


Wow - so glad to see your post again. I do miss you when you're gone :)


What an incredible entry to read with my morning coffee. So happy to see you back on writing but I so get it. You are living you moments and right now it is soaking up your Mom.
I always look back sometimes on work. The thread is what came from my heart at the time…always learning and trying to improve. Each work teaches me something onto the next one.
Dream on in the beauty that is around you. oxoxoo

cynthia slater

Looking back at earlier work for connected threads... very human. Whether you find them or not, you can pull some back in if you wish. Reflection is good. Glad you had a good long visit with your mother.

Laurie G.

Happy Springtime, -- Laurie G., Sacramento, CA

Monica aka The Creative Beast

Love reading your recent posts and seeing the beautiful jewelry you are creating for the magazine and your upcoming workshop. And poring over your gorgeous photos is always a wonderful respite from my daily grind!


So good to find you here again, a homecoming on so many levels...xox


delicious, just a home cooked meal after traveling abroad...warm, comforting, familiar and safe.
I waited to read your blog when I was alone and sipping tea.
Thank you for allowing me to visit.
Just beautiful!

Ramona Gordy

Hello Nina
I remember creating small art pieces for different people who have come and gone in my life. And the reception varies. I remember when I was was learning to cross stitch, and I had a friend from Australia who thought it was the most beautiful tapestry, so I gave it to him. On the other hand I have created small quilts that came from my imagination and gave them to the most unlikely of people and the reaction was one of surprise and befuddlement. I have always wondered if those people treasured those pieces as much as I did. But I know that art can be like love, and we can choose whom to share it with and hopefully the little pieces will grow on them.


Lovely musings, dream on Nina!

Marie Sawicki

What a lovely post. Wonderful words to start the month. xo

Michele Ubger

Lovely to read your spring post. Welcome home.!

donna joy

i cannot imagine receiving a book like the ones you gifted people, and not remembering that person always. my grandmother used to say handmade gifts were the best because you knew that person was thinking of you the entire time they made it. the authors don't realize what a gift they were given-and that is just sad.


Believe me, I would have smiled and my eyes would have moistened if I had been given such a book!!!!

Angi eharis

Love, love, love, when I find a post from u and Walter, always filled with beautiful words and art, I read others comments and realize u have entered our hearts and lives for years for now, I send u and Walter a big hug filled with aloha and dream of the day when I come to your place for a lovely art filled workshop with good kindred souls, aloha, angi in hana

Tina Gilmore

Lovely to read your words as always Nina xx


I'm peaking in today and your words and designs are comforting as before.

Significant changes in life, so I've been away for a while.

But my spirit hasn't forgot you.

Glad to see that your life seems to be mellow and all is well.

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