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Erin Gergen Halls

Would love to one day attend a workshop, meet you in person, share space and conversation...but, in the meantime, I am always content to read your words and pleasure my eyes with your images! Beautiful!

Kat Langford

Sending you a robin's call, the blue of her egg sky and a puffy cloud just for those first days of Spring. So good to see a posting. I just love your photography, your spirit, your creativity parading its Easter best. Much love!!!

jacky mcfarlane

Would dearly love to do this dear friend love the inspirational board and the beautiful wire work. I am coming to Miami late Nov for a Golden convention and working my butt off to pay for it. Are you far from there.


Gorgeous...wish i lived much closer!


OH it takes my breath away what you have made. I wear mine a lot. Wish I could come sh we could finally meet. WOW that would be something. Happy Spring.

kim beller

can't wait to see you and walter again! yippee! we're going to have more adventures on the islands :)

MaryJo Fisher

Is this class full by now? I love your beautiful (creations, blog,way of seeing,collections) and it would be a thrill to learn some things from you!


Everything you make is so beautiful. I love the colors of the beads on between water and sky, and the metal work is gorgeous. I have only done painting, no work with metal at all....but it looks like so much fun.
Thinking of you there in NC and hope you are enjoying these early spring days....

Colleen gilgenbach

The subscribe to this blog link doesn't seem to be working. Any tips?


This is a lovely post. I do know that feeling of looking at past work and feeling wistful to have given it away. I just made a journal recently and have decided to keep it! Have ALWAYS loved your work. I own a small, house shaped charm necklace made by you that I bought long ago. You are a major inspiration - I make journals (not as beautiful as yours, but I try.) So glad you posted - will check back again.

kate mulligan

What a JOY to read another of your insightful and delightful blog posts. Reading them is like sharing a bit of your if we are having a visit. Your creations inspire me to think of the world around me with artistic possibility in every nook and cranny. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, pictures and yourself with all of us.

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