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Cynthia Slater

Good to see a blog post from you, along with the wonderful photos of your woods and cozy cabin. You got so much snow! Only an inch or so here in mid-NC. Safe travels over Christmas.


I have missed your thoughtful and heart felt posts. I feel your musings on the scarcity of time all to well, as an artist myself. I am glad you are well, and Walter. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous snow!


i felt warm and cozy just reading your musings and thank you for sharing the magical view of your world.
hugs to you and walter

Diana B

Welcome back - c'mon in and set a spell! Nice to hear some of your musings after such a long dry patch. Perhaps your son's move to L.A. gives us some hope you might come teach a class here...maybe?


I loved reading your beautiful words once again, thank you for popping back to share with us. Have a wonder-ful Christmas x x

Sue Greene

Welcome back. Your photographs are lovely. I hope you continue this blog but I understand how life gets in the way. xoxo

Lynn in Tucson

It is a pleasure to find you here again. May all the joys of the season be yours.


Good to see this. Wishes for all good things to you as well.


Life gets in the way and that can be bad, or can be good, but mostly it is both. I was happy to see your post and comforted to read it. Only good wishes to you and your beloved Walter.


So glad you are, so glad!

Melanie Dilday

I've just been introduced to your blog post via a Facebook post. You write so beautifully. Reading your words, I instantly recognised myself. Threads of the same experiences.
I love making jewellery too. I have come full circle with my art after a few years favorite medium is silver clay. I have elderly parents too and just spent a coule of years back in Perth in their house helping out because Mum has Alzheimer's and Dad was simply exhausted. She is now in a home and it took Dad about six months to sift through the grief and find acceptance. Once I knew he'd be alright, I could finally jump in my campervan and fkoffski! ! Oh what a joy to have the open road and no agenda. Art tools taking up the most space in my i finally, after sch a long spell, feel the joy of creativity...ideas popping, hands can't wait to play again!
You've inspired me to think about writing again too.
Thank you.
I'm going to follow you on Facebook now so I can see what you're up to. You make the most exquisite jewellery.
Much love to you

Karen Robison

Lovely. Sweet. Warm.
Be well!


So happy to "see" you!

Monika Schmid

Dear Nina, Thank you for posting a blog post again. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. May your festive season be filled with wonder and love. From hot and humid Brisbane, Australia much love to you, Monika.


So happy to see you at your blog once again!
Your son's move to Los Angeles is quite exciting,if you come to visit him I am only an hour or so away! Miss You!

Pati Ray

So nice to see your blog come to life even if for a short bit. I've been following along on Instagram. Serve yourself and family first. We will be here when you feel like sharing in this space.
Have a beautiful holiday.

Laurie G.



Sending warm wishes back to you. Good to see you are well and still creating magic.xo


Very happy to have you back. I hope it does turn into a regular thing.
Your words are like a warm hug.

Bonnie Moench

Oh Nina

I have missed you musings so much, you always make my heart happy. I have read your post over and over just to enjoy your writing.

It is difficult to be far from your beloved Mom, and you are a kind and caring daughter. She surely must appreciate your visits.

I understand how you worry about your son and his wife. No one ever explained that we would worry about our children forever. My children are scattered around and I just wish one year we could all be together for Christmas, but they have lives of their own and I do understand.

I want to wish you and Walter a very Merry Christmas.


Glenda Barber Hoagland

Welcome back.


It's been a long time, yet no time. You're back with a message, like all your messages, that supersedes time.

Blogs do take more time. I understand. Try to come by here when you can.

Your messages always have gems of truth that move the soul.


I can recall when you moved to your cabin, it looks lovely in all that snow, you are having more than we are here in Colorado! It's so nice to get this update from you, to know your mom is still with you and Walter, too.

Carry on, dear Nina, with your life and your art and thanks for sharing both.

Susan Cotsworth

Welcome have been missed...❤

Sheila Dart

Oh, Nina. Here you are.
Sending love. I think of you.

Carol Peringer

oh, what a gift to find you back here....I kept checking from time to time....I love surprises, thanks for showing up!


Dear Nina, thank you for cming back to your blog! You have been missed very much and I hope that you can keep writing. Hugs to all your family and yourself for hanging in there and coming out the other side!


Yea! You are back even if for a short time! I keep checking and checking. Please don't feel guilty. I just wanted you to know. Wishing you a happy holiday.


After having read your whole blog over the years, it’s ok for breaks. You know we will check in now and then. Life is good...Laura


Happy to see this post! You have inspired me for years! I am a few years older than you are, live alone (in Texas), and love to make crafty things! Thanks for adding to my enjoyment of life! Happy New Year, Cheers!

Fonda Haight

Welcome back...I check on you from time to time and I'm so glad to read your words and see your lovely photos!!
Happy happy New Year!!!


So glad to see you back. Your beautiful posts and lovely photos always give me a lift.

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