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me here, first to comment on this blasted lopsided approach of a post. xo

Laurie G.

Very much enjoying your words and photos. With love, from California


You have been greatly missed, even though we have never met, you have been a presence in my life through your gifts of words, and beauty. Sending you love through these trying days.

Linda Lipford

It is such a dreadful privilege we have to be able to care for our ailing elderly loved ones. Dreadful in the heart-tearing moments of their distress but moments of reality we are thankful for later. That is the terrible but wortht nature of memories and grieving.

Karen Lane

Nina - you are the keeper and holder of so many images and feelings - the daily work you are doing is so needed and so very important... In loving you are loved...

Tina Mardis

Life is itself sideways, unedited and upside down. So be it.
That’s how grace happens.
I’ve missed this place.
Sending good thoughts your way...
and hopes for brighter days and renewed strength.
Tina M.

Dawn fritz

Oh Nina, thank you for your kind words & reminders to find joy in everyday & to love fiercely. I too am overwhelmed from caring for my aging mother, making difficult decisions in regards to her well being and grieving the loss of my faithful “fur” companion. It becomes easy to forget the things in life that are important. Hugs to you.

Corinne Meharg

It's nice to see you back here. I always enjoy hearing your take on things. It's hard work you are doing, beautiful and painful and welcome.

Sharron Carleton

Such an important message, thank you for taking the time to do this... your words have been much missed xoxox

Diana Giambrone

Dearest Nina,
I found you years ago when we both had dark hair. And now today i find you again. On a day when my husband discovered one of his best buddies gone to heaven when he went to check on him after unanswered texts and calls. Life is so good and filled with Joy until it isn’t anymore. Anyway i wanted you to know that YOU have been a Art mentor, a blessing, in my life and I wanted to thank you from my heart. And thank you for this beautiful posting that touched me deeply. God love you and your momma and your sons and Walter. You are a blessing.
Diana ❤️


with love to you, for every word and every emotion.

Jacky Mcfarlane

You have been my mentor for so long. Sending lots of love and big hugs ❤️❤️❤️


We have never met, but I have followed you for years through your posts. I searched for you yesterday, thinking I may have missed a post from you, and here you are today with a beautiful post. I didn’t even notice that the pictures were this way and that, but when you pointed it out I smiled and thought, “How perfectly imperfect as life sure is”. That gift from your son warmed my heart. You have definitely had a long difficult season Nina. I thank God that you have been able to weather it and still find the wise lessons in all of it to share with all of us. You process everything with the love and wisdom that is within you, that stands the tests of life and grow with each trial and times of joy and love that you experience. Thank you so much Nina. May God bless you, give you strength and peace. Btw .... those pups are adorable and seem to bring your mom so much joy! Love and hugs to you and Walter!

Patricia Walters

Sending you love and energy with thanks for this post even though (or maybe because) it tells of your sorrows and struggles. You have such an amazing with with both words and pictures. Every post - no matter how far apart - is a treasure you give to us on this side of the post. 😍😍😍


i have missed you

Pati Ray

I have been blessed to read profound posts from two wonderful women today and just when I needed to hear these words the most. So many of us are in that sorrowful struggle to take care of an aging loved-one whose only crime is getting old. Hard to watch, hard to be patient, sometimes hard to love. Everyday is a new day and I love that approach. I find myself calling on my departed friends and family members to help me when I'm setting off to help my mother down her path. I always ask for the strength to be as loving and kind and helpful as possible with my heart ready for any fate. Thanks for always sharing your heart.

kathy dorfer

miss you ( :


What a beautiful gift this morning. Awake at 4am jet lagged, I quietly made a cup of coffee and pulled a blanket out and curled up to see you insta post. Your writings are always so full of visual beauty. Your postings reminded me of the first time I ever read your posts. I am so sorry of the hardships you have been enduring. I think of you often and in fact dreamt of you last night. Sending prayers and love and hugs to you and your dear mom. xo katey

I know how long it takes to write a post and how endlessly frustrating it can be. Those sideways iPhone pictures have cursed me too. The only fix I have found is to upload them into a photo program like pic monkey and save them and use saved file.


Oh how I have missed your most beautiful writing and heartfelt words. I did insta for a hot second, but now I rely on the very few blogs out there still running. You were always a favorite. If I could just take away any stress, even for a day, I would take it for you. Thank you for coming here and allowing me to catch up with you. You are so special, and I send lots of love to you and your family.

Jane Dicus

I have missed the "Nina" always share your strong words and genuine emotion with your readers. You have been through so many of life's trials and tribulations - and always seem to have enough wisdom and energy to lift us up. Am looking forward to our art adventure at Ghost Ranch and spending some time with you.


I have for so long and will continue to keep your sweet blog bookmarked, can't tell you how thrilled I was to see you and your words and images and be reminded of your strong heart and caring nature ... it sure sounds like you have needed them this past year. Holding you and your dear mom in my thoughts.


Nina, so glad to find you again. Thank you for your words and your photos.
I am always happy to know we still share this world.


Thinking of you...



Although we have never met and I have visited here infrequently; I must thank you for your words of love, wisdom, caring, joy, pain and all that we should be reminded is good in the world. Especially our worlds. It is easy to get lost in the day to day and not stop to appreciate that it is special. With deep gratitude, I wish you the best and send caring thoughts.


man plans, eh?

reading your post is like cool water after a very long, hot journey. i wish for you only good things - love, light, family. sending a blast of prayers to you and your sweet mama.

xoxo always


Please know you and your mother are in my thoughts and prayers. If there is ever anything I can do, just let me know.
love & blessings

Loretta Marvel

How wonderful to “hear” your voice again in this format. I miss my own blog and half heartedly open it up every few months but it seems over whelming to catch up and I end up just shutting it down and posting another pretty picture on Instagram. I think of you and your mom often and wonder how she is and how you are through this transition. Was wonderful and your post to see her happy face despite the oxygen despite her obvious discomfort to see her laughing and enjoying life. Now that we have moved to Cape Cod permanently I too am making the journey Similar to yours. It is four hours from the Cape to where my kids are in my sisters. My daughter was having a rough pregnancy and now has had the baby three weeks early but he is well. Like you I pack books magazines, sewing kit, journals, paint, and what other Art supplies I think I may need. Sarah our dog is going to be 13 years old and she tolerates the ride but spends her time in my daughter’s finished basement where we sleep because she is too feeble to climb the stairs. It will be one year on Saturday at the whole family went with our younger dog Brewster with the same sad trip that you endured with Callie. I hope this spring is kind to you and your mom and you may enjoy being with her and she with you and always with Your sweet pup. Xoxo

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