> Valley Ridge

Farm morning
Farmhouse at twilight
Front porch
Misty morning
August garden at twilight
Barn at twilight
Scene of many good times
Studio at twilight
Sunset on the farm
Valley Ridge garden
Yard swing
Window view from the studio
Valerie at work on "sticks and stones"
Valerie Wolschlag
Annie Lockhart
Annie Lockhart's necklace
Belinda Spiwak's necklaces
Jill Shulse's necklace
Lori Larson
Lori Larson's necklace
Sue Pieper
Sue's necklace
Tracy Lyn Huskamp
Tracy Lyn's necklace
Gerri builds a house!
Gerri's house on left, michael's center
Kathy's platform house
Michael's tiki hut
pam's on left, nina robison's on right
Spirit house mayhem
the village, another view
the village
Wendy's gypsy house
the village, another view
Spirit house family
Gift from Kathy
Nina Robison's little beauty