> valley ridge 2008

Susan's hands
Gary and the marshmellow man doll
Barbara's hands, gatherings 1
Restful afternoon
Lisa cook's gatherings cover
Colleen in oz
Garden angel wings
Garden barrow
My old room
My old room 1
Late afternoon garden
Late afternoon garden
Late afternoon
Bill relaxes
Beth mcwilliams gatherings 2
Beth mcwilliams gatherings 1
Beth mcwilliams gatherings 3
Janet, gatherings 2(refused to be disturbed by just a man)
Old friends (lisa cook)
Gatherings 1 class, unknown artist
Gatherings 1 class
Colleen's moon, gatherings 1
Gatherings 1 class, a
Gary peiper, gatherings
Sue pieper, gatherings
Sue pieper 1, gatherings
Sue pieper 2, gatherings
Barbara, gatherings
Barbara 1 gatherings
Janet 2, gatherings
Lisa cook 1, gatherings
Barbara 2, gatherings
Carol, gatherings
Gatherings 1 class, mystery artist
Beth mcwilliams gatherings 4
Gary librarian 2, gatherings
Gatherings 1 class unknown
Gary librarian, gatherings 1
Linda worlyn, gatherings 2
Linda warlyn, gatherings
Linda's hand
Linda werlyn 2 detail, gatherings
Linda werlyn 2, gatherings
Beth mcwilliams gatherings 5 large res
Kathy from iowa, gatherings
Gatherings 1 group
With lisa and linda